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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Dentist Again!

I have almost lost count now of how many times I have been to the dentist for ONE bl**dy tooth! I was in pain ALL weekend after having my tooth re-filled on Thursday. Pre Christmas Party brandy took the pain away very nicely indeed on Friday, but I didn't want to turn into an alcoholic over the weekend!!! Mind you, brandy would have probably been better than all the paracetamol and ibuprofen I had! I phoned the dentist first thing Monday morning to find out that my dentist doesn't work on a Monday and I would have to wait until Tuesday to be seen – great! This resulted in another night of broken sleep and was finally seen yesterday at 2.50pm. I had to wait around 45 minutes to be seen. The dentist said I had a choice of having the tooth extracted or attempt a root filling. I opted for the root filling. The two injections nearly had me flying off the chair. Having needles sunk into my very painful and sore mouth was absolute torture. I was so anaesthetised that luckily I didn't feel any pain from the drilling at all. Later on when the anaesthetic wore off I couldn't feel any pain whatsoever and none today either thank goodness! The last appointment to tart the tooth up is just before Christmas. Why didn't they just do a root filling last Thursday instead of re-filling it!!!


  1. Well done Penny, got your tooth sorted out at last. I really feel for you, tooth pain is just the worst. Exactly the same thing happened to me after I'd had a tooth filled, I bit into an apple and nearly hit the ceiling, I was in pain for days. I suspected that perhaps you needed a root filling, like I did, glad it all went OK, you'll be so pleased when it's all finished. Not so pleased with the dental fees though I imagine....are you getting a crown on top or just a refill?

  2. Thanks Sue! NHS £51.30. Just a re-fill, but will ask about a crown on final appointment.

  3. You're talking about £220 on the NHS (standard lab work) for a crown...! If it's on a back tooth I wouldn't bother till it needs it.