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Friday 4 December 2015

Stroke Rehabilitation Christmas Party!

Stroke Rehabilitation Christmas Party
Dukes Head Hotel, King's Lynn – 4th December
Scott, Bev, Sarah, James, Chloe, Gemma, Keri, Caraline, Kelly & Penny

Because of my painful tooth I only had about three hours sleep last night and the thought of coping with a full day at work and then having to get ready and go to our Christmas Party didn't bare thinking about! But, I got through the day, got my glad rags on with bling and glitter etc and joined my colleagues for our party.

Our venue this year was The Dukes Head Hotel in the market place in King's Lynn, which looks very grand from the street, but hasn't had glowing reports over the years for food and service – it has changed hands fairly recently and reviews have improved. It was the most expensive party we have booked at £38.00 per head and initially I had no intention of forking out that much, but was heavily persuaded by my colleagues that I should go! To be fair it did include a disco.

I got a very kind lift each way, from a couple of people that were not drinking. I was determined not to fork out masses of money for alcohol and had a triple shot of brandy before I left the house and popped a tiny bottle of baileys and a bottle of brandy in each of my coat pockets! I only really drink at the work Christmas Party, so I do tend to let my hair down!
Sarah & Emily having a wee drink!

 Suzy, Sarah & Emily

 Hilary & Bev

 Charly & Hayley

Catherine & Caraline
Katherine & Catherine

Andrea & Julie

Cilla, Suzy, Jane & Keri

Emily, Sarah, James, Scott & Kelly

Emily, James, Scott, Kelly, Chloe, Gema, Cilla, Jane & Keri

Chloe, Gemma & Cilla

Kelly & Chloe

Suzy... smokin'!

Penny, Hilary & Bev

Penny & Caraline

Scott, Bev, Sarah, James, Chloe, Gemma, Keri, Caraline, Kelly & Penny

Scott, Bev, Sarah, Chloe, Gemma, Keri, Caraline, Kelly & Penny

Jane – always glamorous

Hilary, who hadn't even had a drink!!!

Penny, Hilary & Keri

I'm so glad I bought my own little supply of drink, as a glass of wine was £6!!! That's insane! I only bought one drink – an Amaretto and coke which cost me £3.75 and someone else kindly bought me a vodka and lemonade later on. The room we were in was a huge ballroom with around fifteen large round tables decorated with balloons, crackers and the usual festive decorations. There were several other companies there too. The meal was surprisingly good for mass catering and food was served fairly quickly. I had tomato and red pepper soup to start, followed by a scrumptious nut roast with new potatoes and veg, followed by a to die for lemon mousse dessert with short-bread biscuit and decorated with a kumquat/leaves. Coffee and mince pies completed the meal.

The DJ was also surprisingly good and made the evening fun for everyone. The first table to run to the dance floor received a bottle of wine, which was the second of our two tables! Normally you get loads of crappy, silly Christmas songs at this type of event, but most of the music was current and we all danced liked devils possessed, especially Keri! It was lovely seeing all my colleagues dressed up – we have so many stunning ladies in our team, not discounting Scott and James of course! I didn't have the energy to dance how I normally would, which I was slightly annoyed about, but enjoyed myself anyway. Suzy and I had to wait ages for our request of Fleur East's 'Sax' which we flew round the floor too – listen and you will see why!
The disco ended at midnight and for the first time ever I went home, rather than joining the youngsters to go on to a club in town. I say 'club', but there are not any clubs as such in King's Lynn, only a few pubs with music and a DJ if your lucky! King's Lynn is not the place to go clubbing! I had had a fabulous time, but felt exhausted – or maybe it was something to do with my age!!! Hilary kindly gave me a lift home along with a couple of others. It took me a long time to unwind when I got home and it was late when I finally got to bed.

After the party


  1. Hope you had such a good time that....
    we don't read about it until...
    Sunday Morning!!

    1. Sorry to hear about the toof!
      My empty space and resulting hole is a bit sore too...
      toast keeps catching in it!

      Now, speaking as an "ancient one"...
      the above bit of musick got me really tapping my feet, keyboard, desktop.... etc.
      Very Chicago in the use of sax and rythms.