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Friday, 1 September 2017

Friday Update!

Extremely busy at work this week – not enough beds in the hospital, cream crackered!!!

Picked my mother up after work from a hospital appointment on Thursday evening and then took her to the hairdressers followed by cheese on toast and tiramisu for tea with the cat.

My youngest sister Vivien has finally escaped from her job and starts a new one a week on Monday, congratulations to her! She is currently cruising round the rivers in the Ely area with her partner Ray who owns a house boat.

Had a NHS Health Check this morning (for patients aged 40-74) which included blood pressure = ok. Height = same, not shrunk yet! Weight = do something about it! Blood test = results next week. This appointment included a pack full of information, including a leaflet about Dementia and what signs to look out for!!!!!😧😡 DEMENTIA!!! I'm not at that stage yet!? How depressing is that! My name is hmmm.... can't remember and I'm 18 or no hang on, maybe 98?! One of the sections in the leaflet suggested to keep socially active and that you should "....learn new skills, join a club...... play scrabble, cards or bingo, do puzzles, help your grandchildren with their homework, join a quiz or darts team......" BORING, BORING, BORING😬, plus I don't have children, so grandchildren could be an issue!!!😄

Its my Skoda's 2nd birthday today! Can't believe I've had my little green car two years already!

I'm out and about to all kinds of appointments and errands tomorrow, hopefully will squeeze some birding in early evening. Working this Sunday which is not ideal with east winds! Two long (4 day) birding weekends booked in September😀 and best of all, I have an entire THREE weeks off in October for the best birding month of the year – I may treat myself and head extreme north!

Weather for the Weekend
North east winds tomorrow and south east/south winds on Sunday, may produce some good birds and the weather looks pretty decent all weekend too!

High Tides for King's Lynn Docks
Saturday: 4.21am and 17.06. Sunday: 5.17am and 17.54

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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