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Saturday, 2 September 2017

NOA AGM at Holme & Titchwell RSPB!

I had rather an odd day – some of my errands were not completed due to exhaustion from work last week. Went to Titchwell RSPB to look for early migrants and spent a good while along the East Trail – nothing of note really. Met three different blog followers, which was nice – good to meet you all. Left to go to my mother's house, whom I tried to persuade to go the NOA AGM, but she was in a very stressed mood about the health of the cat, jobs to do, gardening and the soon to be removed parkray fire.

Went to the NOA AGM at 3pm in the village hall at Holme, where Sophie did a presentation of the year at Holme, which was very interesting and illustrated with some nice pictures and also a few I had emailed Sophie of my father from years gone by. Steve Newman very kindly mentioned my father, and thanked the NWT for hosting the wake at the Firs house – he also thanked me for helping to raise the funds so quickly for the observatory windows. It was nice to meet some new people and catch up with some of the regulars and I also had a preview of the 2016 NOA Annual Report with my Great Knot on the front cover! Tea and cakes followed! The village hall was where I did gymnastics and country dancing, when I attended the primary school, which was the building between the village hall and the church – seems so long ago now!
I then returned to Titchwell RSPB in the evening, again to the East Trail and counted 7 Little Egrets amongst the Mallards and 1 Mute Swan, Little Grebe and Pochard on Patsy's Reedbed pool. Cormorants were perched on the dead trees, along with one Carrion Crow. Several Swifts and Swallows gracing the skies and a stunning sunset. It was pretty cold this evening, but refreshingly so. Fell asleep when I got home and woke up late!


  1. You were asking about wellies for winter. For me it's got to be one of the Muck Boots series, I have the Tay which they no unfortunately longer make (but which I believe comes under another name now), warm down to minus 49C, designed for fishermen standing in freezing waters. But they do loads of others now, in all sorts of colours - how about shocking pink to jazz up the rather dull birding look these days? have a look at their website.

  2. Thanks Sue! you have confirmed what others have advised me too, Muck boots it is then! I was looking at the Arctic Sport model. Pink might be a little too shocking, but fed up with dull green clothes and will be changing over to my favourite colour black!