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Saturday, 10 February 2018


I can't believe my sister Lucy is 50 today, she doesn't look more than 35! The weather was atrocious and it rained for most of the day, which wasn't helpful at all! I stuck a 50th banner on my dashboard to surprise Lucy when I picked her up to head for Holme – she loved it!

I have bought Lucy a very exciting present, which was produced and shipped over from America, a throw/blanket to put on a sofa or bed, which is covered in music notes with a big violin in the middle and words which I added for a personal touch. I spent several hours last night, making her a very special birthday card, which mother had too.

We celebrated with birthday lunch at Briarfields Hotel, Titchwell. I had organised for the staff to make Lucy a 50th birthday cake with a musical theme earlier in the week. On arrival, one of the staff took me discretely away to look at the cake, leaving Mother, Lucy and Vivien sitting at our table. I was overcome with emotion when I saw the cake! It was stunning to say the least, way beyond what I had envisaged – it was almost breathtaking! Lucy's favourite cake is chocolate, so they had made a chocolate cake, but it had been entirely iced with white icing to represent paper and then around the sides of the cake and on top was the most intricate black piping of music notes and bars and a violin had been created from icing with so much detail – it was incredible and I am so grateful for the work they had put into making this.

We had a wonderful lunch and dessert and then the cake was brought out, as we all sang Happy Birthday – Lucy looked really surprised and was very impressed with her musical cake – it was far too good to cut, so we didn't! We took the cake home, where I took several photographs and later on we succumbed and had some for tea and very nice it was too!

Helped Lucy arrange her cards, flowers and banners in her room after I took her back to King's Lynn – I was exhausted by the time I got home, but it had been a lovely day and Lucy said it was the best birthday she had ever had, so all the hard work paid off.


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