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Monday, 11 February 2019

House Sorting & Birding At Warham Greens!

I'm on holiday this week, but I won't be doing anything very exciting, as far too busy. I was up early this morning and collected two big boxes of children's books from the family home, along with a box of paper maps: East Anglia maps, various maps from father's trips abroad etc and arrived at Crabpot Books in the high street at Wells to sell them. I had to leave them to be looked at and was asked to return in a couple of hours, so had to kill some time somewhere.

Parked up on the concrete pad at Garden Drove, Warham. As expected, the track was more puddles/floods than track! I had a brown Skoda when I left! It was a beautiful sunny day and it felt like Spring. I imagined seeing a Sand Martin or a Swallow gracing the skies, but a tad too early I think! It felt so good to be out on such a lovely day. Two Blackbirds, a Great Tit and a Robin were seen along the track, along with four Grey Partridges sunning themselves in the corner of the field by the far copse. Lots of squealing pigs, playing and having fun in the field west of the track. I walked east to the 'pit' and saw a pair of Reed Buntings amongst the sueda bushes, a Marsh Harrier made its way east along the marsh, saw six Little Egrets, Shelducks, Brent Geese, a Redshank and several Skylarks. Returned to the car and watched a large flock of Goldfinches in the cow field, whilst I had a coffee and the last cheese scone from Lucy's birthday tea. Returned to Wells and agreed on a price at Crabpot books, although not as much as I had hoped for, it was still far better than what I have got in a boot sale, so was a reasonable result for my sisters and I.

Headed back west to the family home at Holme. Re-arranged some of the plant pots outside the front of the property and had a quick sweep up of leaves, in preparation for photos with local estate agents. The house is going on the market very soon. Loaded my car up with some potted plants that I purchased for mother in her last few weeks, which included lavender, thyme, mint and a yellow daisy plant (can't remember the name) and squeezed them into the car. It killed me to carry the big lavender pot – never a man around when you need one! The garden was adorned with so many clumps of Snowdrops – I dug up two little clumps and potted up to take home with me – another childhood memory saved. Chatted with Liz (next door) and with the NOA committee who were about to go in the office for a meeting. I gave the NOA a display cabinet titled 'Rare Visitors Photographed at Holme" that belonged to my father – it contained photographs he had taken of: the Hale-Bopp comet in April 1997, Little Auk 'storm blown inland to Ringstead' in November 1995, Black-winged Stilt 1987 and a Convolvulus Hawk-moth 4th September 1995.

We havn't got that much left to get rid of in the house really – we still have two excellent condition armchairs (only purchased new a couple of years ago), can't seem to shift them, I don't know why, a very good Hayter electric lawnmower, a tall bookcase and some stuff for boot sales or charity shops including bric-a-brac stuff, but still have loads of books!!!

Left and went to Hunstanton to pay the 'book' cheque into our account, stopped at estate agents to arrange appointment for me to sign my part of the contract tomorrow morning. Returned to King's Lynn and emptied the car of all plants and then arranged them on my patio. Changed bird ponds and topped up feeders. Shattered – fell asleep!

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