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Wednesday 16 June 2010

Back to reality!

Sapphire (cat) was very pleased I was home, especially when I have been making her a hot water bottle each night - its freezing cold here in the evenings this week.

See Jack Ashton-Booth's blog: (AW on Fair isle)

Took the car to a hand car wash on Monday afternoon, then went to Sainsbury's in Hunstanton to get some shopping for my parents - on getting out of the car I discovered to my horror that loads of patches of paint were removed from the bonnet of my car and also on the roof!!!!!! I just couldn't believe what I was seeing - it looked liked someone had chucked paint stripper over my bonnet, in some places the paint had been stripped down to bare metal!!!!! At first I thought it had been a 'bodge' job from my garage who had replaced the bonnet etc back in January BUT on the other hand the area near the roof was also affected and this was not touched by garage.... complete mystery, don't understand it all. More hassle, more expense.

Returning to work this week was a shock to the system and back to feeling shattered each evening and also have shifts booked for Sundays again. Back to working 6 days a week - oh dear!

Must get my Fair isle pictures added to this blog aswell!!!!

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