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Wednesday 2 June 2010

FAIR ISLE - North Light and Cliffs

Decided not to do trap round this morning and have a lie in. Found out from Jack that I made the right descision as not a single bird was caught in the 7am round!!!!!

Full breakfast again as usual!

Had a packed lunch today as decided to head north all day. A dull day initially, with light rain. Walked towards Schoolton and then cut across shortly after this to the shop, where I had a quick browse and then headed north. Nothing in the plantation, but several LBJ's in the trees/bushes in the bottom of the Gully. Spent time at the observatory sitting on the jetty watching inquisitive seals. Eiders sat amongst the rocks along with black guillemots and arctic terns. Sat here and had some of my lunch. I could have sat there all day - my favourite place. More LBJ's in the obs garden, but none of them would show themselves! Walked high up the hill opposite obs and over to Roskille to hopefully see puffins. On the way up I was bombarded continuously by Arctic Skuas and Bonxies which resulted in some decent shots! On the cliff edge I only saw one puffin! but had an amusing time photographing very pretty white and light brown, incredibly cute baby bunnies. A red breasted merganser was sitting on the sea below. Apart from puffins there was plenty of action here with fulmars, shags, eiders, bonxies all soaring around the cliffs. Walked back onto the main road and continued north passing an islander with a sheepdog who pointed out a Swift to me and said 'Swifts flying low is always a sign of rain to come'. Walked past Golden Water (a large pond on the corner of the road). Reached the North Lighthouse and found to my delight several very obliging puffins who were only too happy to pose for the camera! Spent quite a while here, crawling closer and closer to the puffins and was about to take what looked like the best shot when my telephone rang!!!

Walked back towards Observatory and Deryk kindly gave me a lift as far as obs. I walked back down to the beach and took some more beach photos. 3 Linnets were feeding near the beach and the wader pools. Walked back to South light house and on route had a look in the gully where I could see a wren, male blackcap and a common whitethroat flicking about in the sycamore tree. Nothing in the plantation but as I approached the Vaadal Trap what looked like a female Redstart shot out over my head at great speed - searched for this but to no avail. Sent message to Jack and Deryk and Richard.

Dinner: Soup and oatcakes, vege rice dish and salad and apple crumble with ice-cream to follow! Speaking to Richard at dinner he looked for my redstart and confirmed indeed that it was a female redstart.

Went back into my room and fell asleep until 10pm! Still have to have shower and I have 9 minutes to do this in as lights go out at 11.30pm!

1 comment:

  1. Blimey, what a lovely time you're having, wouldn't mind being there myself. Looks like it'll be a good weekend weather-wise. We're off to the Farne Islands for a couple of days so it had better be....
    best wishes