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Wednesday 7 July 2010

Absolutely CRAP day!

Got a written warning at work (never had a verbal or written warning in my life until I started this job!) for having too much time off 'sick'!!!!!!! If you have more than 4 'episodes' off, you get interviewed and if it continues it gets really serious, which obviously it has!

Sapphire (cat) is seriously ill with chronic kidney failure. She's being losing more and more weight over the last few months and although she appears well in herself, she is hardly eating, which is most unlike her, so I had to take her to the vets this evening. Had full blood tests done and with consultation fee, cost me £146! Duty vet phoned me back with results this evening - choices were all crap, but going to try 'kidney tablets' to try and get her appetite back for one week. Have to take her back tomorrow to get tablets and anti-biotic injection and if her appetite does not improve by end of one week..... well I will have to have her put to sleep which is desperately sad as she is the last of MY family left (lost my beloved Tiger 3 years ago). Sapphire is 14 which is a good age for a persian, but it doesn't matter what age she is - I adore her so much and to come home to an empty house will be seriously depressing. I will never have cats again, I get too attached and it is soul destroying when they pass away. In fact with none of my little family left I will be free to do something mad, like sell up and go and live on an island somewhere or something equally crazy!!!!! Or how about world twitching!!!!!! or maybe doing a dead serious british list and become the first female birder to get the highest british list for the year... hmmmmmmm!!!!!!!


  1. Sorry to hear about your problems, Penny. The NHS really know how to look after their staff (I don't think)! We deal with sick people all day, every day with prolonged contacts, so it is not surprising that however careful we are, we will pick up "nasties". Some of these will prevent us working so that we do not pass it on to our patients. How do they reward us? - bullying, harrassment and threats!

    Good luck with Saphire and heres hoping she does not suffer.

    At the end of the day, just go "crazy" anyway. You work in the NHS so you are almost there anyway!

    Kind regards


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  3. Hi Penny, so sorry to hear about Sapphire, I fear that inevitably it will be euthanasia as cats rarely recover from these kidney problems. I had the same thing with my cat years ago, she took the tablets for a week but was no better. Sorry to bring doom and gloom and I know how horrendously painful it is for you, but Sapphire wouldn't thank you for keeping her going if she's in difficulty, think of it that way. Yes, if it comes to it, think of everything as a new opportunity for you. The island bit sounds infinitely more interesting than more written warnings and all of that.....keep us all updated!
    Best wishes,

  4. Thank you all very much for your kind comments and support.

    Best Wishes Penny