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Saturday 31 July 2010

Cley - Vivien & Lucy & another dipped Hooded Crow!

Common Lizard at Walsey Hills NOA.

Vivien got the train from Ely to King's Lynn and I picked up Vivien and Lucy (sisters) at 10.45am and took them to Cley for the day. On route the pager came up with a Hooded Crow near Salthouse!!!

My sisters and I so very rarely all go out together and were hoping for a sunny day, but for most of the day its been spitting with rain and dull skies!!! There were glimmers of sunshine throughout, but the sun did finally came out fully in the evening.

Started off at Cley beach carpark for a cup of tea and then onto the Cley NWT Visitor Centre for a lovely lunch outside - just got the last table! bumped into several other birders here: Stuart White... also Andy Johnson and Eddie Myers also 'doing lunch'! I was most disappointed to find that Cley NWT does not yet have the Ronaldos new 'Stem Ginger' ice-cream! I wanted to walk to North Scrape to see the 17 Spoonbills reported earlier, but Lucy didn't want to walk 'that far'!

Went chasing after the Hooded Crow around Kelling and Salthouse, but couldn't find it anywhere or any other birders around, but did find a piggery with carrion crows and rooks. Also there were tons of chaffinches feeding around puddles along a narrow road. If I had been on my own I would have spent longer looking, but my sisters are not really birders, so had to cut my search short! Steve Gantlett however didn't dip on the Hooded Crow!!!! See:

Went to Muckleborough Hill because Lucy and Vivien had never been here and I knew they would love the view from the top. Few Gatekeepers and a Wall up here when the sun came out briefly.

Parked up at Walsey Hills. There is now another set of steps in place west of the obs. hut, going down into the middle path and also some seats and table next to the viewing point. No sign of any Adders but stunning views of two Common Lizards basking in the sunshine on a railway sleeper! - got some records shots. Lots of birds by/on the feeders including a party of juv. long tailed tits, coat tit, great tit, blue tit, male and female greenfinches, goldfinches, chaffinches, hedge sparrows, wren and in unison together we all said 'great spotted woodpecker' as it bounded past along the bottom path. Lucy also said she saw a female bullfinch.

Common Lizard at Walsey Hills NOA.

Went to 'Church Lane' in Cley to look for the silver washed fritillary that was seen yesterday, but no luck, plus it was raining at this point anyway!

Went on to Glandford Ford. A Fox ran across the road on route! Watched a 4x4 crossing the Ford, which scattered the ducks quickly! No sun out at all.

Next stop Friary Hills - at last the sun came fully out. Lucy and Vivien had never been here and really enjoyed it. No birds of note though.

Stopped briefly at Burnham Overy Staithe harbour for the view.

Wells for fish 'n' chips - changed our minds when we saw the ridiculously long queues tailing back along the street!!!! In fact the longest queue I have ever seen!

We made do with my emergency cashew-nut butter rolls and coffee cake when we got to parents at Holme.

Got Vivien on the 9.12pm train back to Ely and dropped Lucy at home in King's Lynn.

Work all day tomorrow.

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