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Sunday 11 July 2010

Rubbish day

Cancelled my hospital shift as Sapphire is deteriating - she never ate anything else yesterday. Today she has eaten nothing, although has been drinking water. My neighbour Anne gave me a small amount of ham as Sapphire normally loves it - I was really pleased when she seemed really interested at the smell of the ham and she amazingly gobbled 2 small pieces, but then stopped eating any more - 20 minutes later she was sick. She has spent all day in the garden. I took some lovely sunny pictures of her and attempted to set the camera on self-timer to take us both, although not very successfully! Have been crying loads and then came to the descision to take her to the vets and then changed my mind again as I didn't like the sound of the duty vet I spoke to and also when my neighbour Anne came round she gently persuaded me to go tomorrow instead as she thought Sapphire looked okish. Have booked appointment tomorrow with the nice lady vet Fiona O'leary who has been seeing Sapphire. Although as I type, Sapphire seems to be more fragile than earlier. Sod work, I should take her first thing in the morning, but I can't - makes me so angry. I will ask my team leader for half a day holiday and if not at least a couple of hours, surely they will allow me that!!!!

1 comment:

  1. It's all very sad and I really feel for you Penny. But it's what's best for Sapphire in the end, and you must just think of what a good life she's had with you and how you always did the best for her, she couldn't have wished for more. Good luck,