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Monday 6 September 2010

Holme - search for Arctic Warbler!

Took this Mushroom/toadstool at work today!

Anyone know what type this is please?

I ensured I left work exactly on time this evening!

Flew home and then had a serious panic attack when I could not find my iphone anywhere in the car and I know I put it in there, as I had been checking the RBA website on it (given up pager) as I was walking out of work - after rummaging under car seats and every possible nook and cranny, I then seriously started to worry, must have dropped it before I got in the car, flew back to work and searched along the grassy areas etc etc - no sign anywhere, exasperated now as was desperate to get out in the field Flew into the hospital, phoned my mother and asked her to ring my mobile, just to see if it was in the car, flew back to car and to my huge relief I could hear it ringing.... it had somehow mysteriously jumped into the middle of my road atlas!!!!! Back home for second time, changed, grabbed bins, camera etc and as I walked outside a neighbour had blocked me in!!! for GOODNESS SAKE!!!!! Ran to their door and knocked loudly and quickly! Seriously irritates me when someone blocks me in!

Eventually I arrived at Holme around 6.20pm. Another birder said he had brief views of the Arctic warbler approx half an hour before both Connor and I got there. Connor and I searched hard for that bird and saw what could have been it, dive into a bush and you know when you get all excited, and then it all goes to pot when the bird magically disappears! Saw a pied fly briefly in the large pine along the main bank. Connor managed to see a male redstart (I only glimpsed tail end of it!) and we heard another one round the back of the observatory. A Tawny owl flew into the pines. Strong winds and on route home the rain came down and now at 10.45 is lashing down in King's Lynn

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