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Sunday 26 December 2010


Got up late and had brunch!

Knocked the block of ice out of the bird pool and put some more goodies out for the birds. I delayed going out birding because it was FREEZING!!! The frost outside still remained exactly the same by lunch time. It was a beautiful sunny morning and I now regret not going out in the morning as by the time I got on the road, the sun had gone in.

I wanted to go to Holme reserves, but I just knew I would get annoyed - Holme is terrible on Boxing Day for tons of dog walkers and I was right as my sister Vivien told me later - she had to put up with several dogs bounding up to her - none were on leads and owners not bothered about their dogs menacing other people!!!

So it was to Titchwell RSPB I visited again and I am so glad I did. Scattered some birds seed, raisons and bread in the carpark for the robins. Lots of birders and photographers here and guess what, I didn't see a single dog - magic!!! I didn't get very far along the main path at all, as I discovered a wonderful scene before me. Where the path that leads from the back of the visitor centre joins the main path - just below this, where there is a stream running, was a flurry of birds. All the ice on the main pools is still frozen solid apart from a few patches, so this trickling water was extremely popular for drinking and preening. 2 male Siskins came down to drink, also great tits and blue tits where having a wash and brush up, as were greenfinches, goldfinches, female Siskin, pied wagtail, long tailed tits, blackbirds, robins and a Treecreeper also put in an appearance! Also a Water Rail was feeding off to the right. I almost seized up, kneeling in the frosty leaves, attempting to blend in with the surroundings as I clicked away with the camera! The light was awful for photography though, which didn't result in many sharp pictures - so wish I had got here earlier when the sun was out. Further along the main path was a second Water Rail and 2 Woodcocks feeding at the back of the main feeding station, but very difficult to photograph as they were always behind vegetation. I walked round to the Fen Hide and the ponds were frozen solid as were all the reed beds - it was crystal white everywhere. From the hide I photographed a cock pheasant against the snow, but nothing else was seen here.

Long tailed Tit coming down to drink.

Goldfinch coming down for a drink.

Blackbird looking chilly.

Blue Tit bathing.

Treecreeper also made an appearance.

Goldfinch coming down for a drink.

Great Tit having a wash 'n' brush-up.

Woodcock feeding near the bird feeders.

Icy scenery around the Fen Trail.

The above four images taken with iphone.

Cock Pheasant from the Fen Hide.

Walked back to the car and sprinkled the last of the bird seed, bread and raisons down for the robins. Visited my parents and Vivien for an hour and then drove home.

Fell asleep most of the evening.

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