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Sunday 5 December 2010

Update and Party Night!

Last week was so hectic at work I didn't even have the energy or time to turn the computer on, never mind post on my blog!

Saturday, sadly no birding as had loads of stuff to sort. Saturday night was my second and last christmas party of the year - at Knights' Hill Hotel AND I was drinking - I don't normally drink but NEEDED to after the last few weeks. I had an interesting selection of brandy and coke, large glass of white wine, vodka and lemonade, shot of something lethal someone bought me, another brandy and coke and after that decided after some very fast spins round the dance floor, that I had better switch to water!!!

Sunday - a long lazy lay in and more chores.

X-Factor final next week - First choice: Rebecca. Second choice: Cher.
Fantastic watching the Black eyed Peas on the show tonight - I have been a fan for a long time.

Not doing christmas this year - not sending any cards - fed up with spending hours writing out 50/60 cards - waste of time, money and trees.


  1. I wondered where you were. Lying pissed on a floor somewhere obviously....Oh good, glad to hear somebody else has come to their senses and is not doing christmas this year, I think we're all beginning to revolt against the commercialism and expense of it all. Cards are the first to get the boot. I can't quite get past the mince pies and xmas pudding though....Happy Xmas!

  2. Just a suggestion to all of you like Penny who are not fans of Xmas cards. Why not donate a small sum of money to a charity instead of sending cards to friends and colleagues at work etc, family excepted. At our nature reserve Potteric Carr we are donating the cash to help feed the birds through the winter. Happy xmas to everbody

  3. I go along with you with regard to Christmas, Penny. No cards or presents this year - it is all a big rip-off and who can really afford it these days?
    Shocked to hear you had a binge-drinking session as I was told you were as pure as the driven snow!!!

  4. Ive never met you Penny, although we have probably trod the same paths. I do agree with dropping cards, especially when its to people you see every day at work. Sort of bizarre isnt it ?.

  5. Graham - 'pure as the driven snow'!!!!!! Ha Ha - whoever told you that!!!!!!

  6. Perhaps I just imagined it, Penny!