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Friday 31 December 2010

More Sad News!!!

Just heard from my parents this evening that Jack Reynolds who was Warden and ringer at Titchwell for the NOA (pre the RSPB taking over ) for many years has sadly passed away on Christmas Day aged 92. I can remember well, going to the 'ringing hut' at Titchwell which was based at the end of the concrete pad - the same concrete area is just past the main entrance to Titchwell RSPB on left side going towards Brancaster. The last time I saw Jack and his wife Amy was a few years ago walking along the main Titchwell RSPB path and he hadn't really changed much over the years! Jack's wife Amy was my cookery teacher at the Smithdon High School, Hunstanton and still lives in Hunstanton.

Rest in Peace Jack.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for that Penny. I remember him well on that Tichwell patch you describe. One anecdote about him I recall : one day (allegedly) he trapped a rarity, but was not 100% sure of the ID, so he cycled round to your Dad at HBO with the bird still in its bag! Your Dad was not too pleased with this! But he confirmed the bird as an Arctic Warbler before ringing and releasing it!

    Thanks Jack, and rest in peace