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Tuesday 19 February 2013

More Snow Forecast!

East Winds and more snow are coming our way from Thursday to Saturday. Maybe I won't be putting up my new fence panels etc on Saturday!!!

British Gas are absolutely rubbish - had an appointment with them last week for my gas boiler to be serviced, which they cancelled on the evening. The next appointment I had with them was supposed to have been this evening and on my return from work I found a card in my door from an engineer saying that he 'didn't work after 5pm'. Phoned BG up to ask what the h*ll was going on and just got passed from dept to dept and ended up with making an appointment in my Easter holidays! British Gas don't accommodate for people that live on their own and work full time. After stating to me previously that I could request an appointment after a certain time, they are now saying this isn't the case and that they can only offer me a two hour time slot – I am not booking holiday hours off work to get the boiler serviced!!! So boiler service will have to wait until my first holiday of the year.

So tired this week, have been falling asleep more or less as soon as I get in the door!

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