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Friday, 29 November 2013

Christmas Party!!!

Fabulous Christmas Party with all my work colleagues at the 'Bank House' in King's Lynn. The food was incredible! To produce food of that quality for 38 people and with excellent service – 10/10! Fabulous night out with everyone. Dee's hair 'updo' was just a work of art! I work with so many beautiful people, some of whom could easily have just walked off the catwalk this evening! I love seeing everyone all dressed up and out of our boring uniforms. Most of us then went to 'Kudos' to dance. Highlight of the evening was Cilla's back flip on the dance floor!!! I left later on to go to 'Heights' as the music wasn't exactly brilliant in 'Kudos'. The music was better in 'Heights', but felt very guilty leaving everyone, so went back at just after 2am to join everyone for the last hour, but the bouncer wouldn't let me back in – they don't let people in after 2am!!! So annoying, especially as I could hear that the music had improved since I had left! Police were outside dealing with a fight that had broke out on the dance floor! Gemma and Sarah came out and we shared a taxi home. Currently munching on peanut butter and toast at 3.30am! Don't think I will get up until well after lunch.

Getting on down at KUDOS, King's Lynn. The sound quality is atrocious though! I'm on here somewhere!

Christmas Party at the Bank House Restaurant and then getting on down at KUDOS with Georgina, Fiona, Keri, Emily x 2, Rachael x 2, Penny x 2, Debbie, Dee, Jo, Daniel, Adam, Jane, Sarah, Gemma, Cilla, Chandi, Ghaya and others.

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