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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Thursday Update!

When I returned home from work last night, I had the weirdest thing happen. As I walked in my front door I noticed a parcel card on the mat, which informed me a parcel had been left round a neighbours house. Parcel? I wasn't expecting any parcel! Mystified, I walked to the neighbours house to find a large box containing a bouquet of flowers. How odd! A mystery admirer maybe... who could they be from? A card read 'Just to say.... please enjoy these flowers, it was lovely speaking to you Saturday night regarding your renewal – Susan Cook MoreThan' I just couldn't believe what I was reading – MoreThan Insurance who I have just renewed the Skoda with, had sent me a bouquet of flowers as a thank you. Well I might sound Victor Meldrew'ish, BUT I would have much rather had cheaper insurance than be sent a bouquet of flowers!!! What an odd thing to do and a complete waste of money!

Went to the GP about my tendinitis elbow to consider my options – had this for months and really getting on my nerves now. Then drove to Hunstanton to do weekly shop for my parents. Father was in a disgustingly bad mood when I arrived – I don't know why, but he was. Got home late.

After work this evening, some of my work colleagues and I joined Sara for her 50th Birthday Celebrations at the 'The Crown' at Middleton. Nicely presented food, good service, but nothing to write home about. My vegetarian burger wasn't exactly exciting, but the 'wedges' were good. I didn't bother with dessert. It was nice to spend time with everyone out of work though. As Andrea said 'two down, one to go – I was 50, Sara is 50 tomorrow and Andrea is 50 in September!

Looking forward to the Easter Weekend and no working at all until Tuesday! Weather is supposed to be rubbish tomorrow, which is fine as I have to spend one day in the house sorting stuff, in preparation for all my clothes being returned next Wednesday evening by the professional cleaning team. Saturday, Sunday and Monday look pretty good for an Easter weekend.


  1. know what you mean Penny, it drives me nutty too. I don't want a free Parker pen or a free Meercat, I just want cheaper insurance!