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Monday, 2 November 2015

Happy 89th Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to my dear Father. I didn't think he would make it to be honest, but he has – so very pleased he has. I spent a long time last night, making him a big birthday card, made of my Red-spotted Bluethroat picture which I took in May of this year.

Picked Lucy up and headed to Holme. Vivien is working today and had spent time with Father yesterday. We had chores to do on the way, including picking some goods up for someone from Heacham Lavender shop. I am almost ashamed to say as a local person, that  I have never stepped foot in this shop until today! Lucy and I were like kids in a sweet shop – this shop is incredibly exciting – you name it, they sold it! Aside from the obvious lavender gifts, there was all sorts of things to entice you, from elaborate chocolates and cakes, unusual greeting cards, Christmas decorations, fluffy toys, candles, jewellery and the list goes on. What really caught my eye was the very beautiful teddy collection – I fell in love immediately with two bears. I used to collect bears you see, I just adore a bear that has character. As soon as I picked one of the bears up, it felt heavy and screamed quality – I just knew it was going to be expensive..... £64.99. If I had been minted, I would have bought both, sighed and tore myself away!

Next stop Sainsburys to get a few things for Mother, then to Hughes Electrical shop to enquire about some things for parents, then to Holme. Fish 'n' chip birthday lunch from the posh chippie at the farm shop complex at Thornham which was very nice. Helped Father to open his presents after lunch, then he had a long nap, whilst we all sat in the dining room.

At tea time we sang Happy Birthday and lit three three candles on his coffee cake, which he managed to blow out – just! Vivien had bought a very cool card where you record your own message and we listened to Vivien singing Happy Birthday! Really weird that both my Mother and Lucy had bought a card for Father with a Humming Bird on – totally different designs but both the same humming bird and both facing left – Lucy thought it was spooky! Father started to get really tired. Both parents are still operating on the old time. We left around 7pm which to them was 8pm! Very foggy as Lucy and I drove back to King's Lynn.

1 comment:

  1. Never, ever buy Lavender Mustard!!!
    Unless, of course, you just love floor polish so much you need to have it on your food!?