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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Another Year Almost Over!

I can't believe its come round to December again! This year seems to have disappeared so quickly. I returned to work last week and survived, but felt extremely tired by Friday. This resulted in me sleeping alot over the weekend. I had full intentions of going birding, but just felt unusually tired. I visited my parents for a short while at the weekend. Father is fairly well under the circumstances, but getting weaker, eating less and becoming increasingly confused, very sadly – he is still aware of who I am though and always holds my hand comfortingly each time I visit and attempts to smile.

We have our work's Christmas Party this Friday – don't know how I feel about it that really, I'll let you know afterwards! Just been in the hairdressers this evening. Its the most expensive party we've booked – I am expecting top nosh and a big dance floor, but I expect as is usual with these mass Christmas party events, it will probably be the opposite! I know I'm sounding pessimistic, but bet I'm right!

Christmas in the Clarke residence will be very different this year. Vivien is having Christmas dinner with her new man in Ely, so she won't be with us anyway. Mother doesn't need any added stress to her situation and being as she always gets stressed with Christmas dinner (she won't let me do it), we are scrapping it altogether! Lucy is having Christmas Dinner where she lives and I will be at home on my own. Later on in the afternoon I will take Lucy to parent's to spend the rest of the day with them and just have Christmas tea. Much simpler, no stress etc etc! Boxing Day = Birding!

Roll on New Year, lighter evenings and Spring! I don't really know why I said that – new year means I will be another year older at the end of January!


  1. Sounds like you need a good rest Penny, I'd give the xmas party the boot if I were you, all the expense and everything isn't worth it. That's one advantage of being 'retired', you don't have to endure all that works xmas stuff any longer! Hope you have a better year next year, and hey, another year older in January? Age is just a number, you're still only 18, just like me, don't ever forget that! I always say 'if you could do it yesterday, then you can do it today, and if you can do it today, there's no reason why you can't do the same tomorrow'...that way you never actually age at all and carry on doing all the things you always did. (except the xmas party maybe!)

    1. I'd already paid for the party Sue, so didn't want to waste it. 18.... hmmm...... ok I will try and act that age in future! Its just scary how quickly the time disappears. It only seems like yesterday when I was 18.

  2. Nice to have you back Penny. A simple xmas is sometimes the best xmas. Bridget.