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Friday, 25 December 2015

CHRISTMAS DAY! Red-rumped Swallow, Red-nosed Reindeer & More!

In the rain at Holkham on Christmas Day!

I was going to Sandringham to photograph the Royal Party this morning, but changed my mind and flew over to Holkham to twitch the Dusky Warbler instead. Rarity finding king James McCallum found the Dusky Warbler whilst watching the Red-rumped Swallow! Unbeknown to me though as I cruised along the A148, James was the only person to see the Dusky Warbler, it sneaked off north along the hedge line and wasn't seen again.
Initial sighting of the Red-nosed Reindeer!
Red-nosed Reindeer – Showing Well!

Ok, so this is the actual picture!!!
Had great fun photoshopping John's nose red! I'm in trouble!

The weather and light was dire and it was raining. The Red-rumped Swallow performed well, but photography was rubbish in this light. A Red-nosed Reindeer (alias John Furse) dropped in briefly!!! (see picture). Eddie M. pointed out the Great White Egret to me in the far distance at the edge of a pool. I found it hard to take in that I was watching a Red-rumped Swallow on Christmas Day – how cool is that!!! Met a couple of birders dressed in Christmas attire who had taken some fabulous pictures of the Royal Family at Sandringham this morning – wished I had gone now! Also bumped into another couple who had had good views of the Pallid Harrier at Flitcham.
Our Christmas Tea

Father and I on Christmas Day!

Went back home via Flitcham and spent quite a while searching in vain for the Pallid Harrier and then returned to King's Lynn. My roast dinner was cancelled because of birding – will have to cook my nut roast on Boxing Day! Quick change at home, loaded up the car with my home baking and then picked Lucy up and we spent the afternoon with our parents and for Christmas tea. Vivien wasn't with us this year – she spent the day with her new man! There were no presents to open this year as we had all decided not to bother. My Mother was exhausted, having been up several times in the night attending to Father. We all felt tired today. Enjoyed our Christmas tea, watched some TV, had a snooze. Father enjoyed a few mouthfuls of my chocolate cake and gave it a 7 out of 10, so that was pretty good! Father looked so tired today – worn himself out over the last few days and also had been refusing most of his tablets – not good. We had a lovely phone call from Morris and Audrey Eccleshall – NOA members from long ago – it was so nice to hear their voices.

Took Lucy home and then returned home and watched Mrs Brown's Boys and Michael McIntyre. Pictures of the Queen and other Royals attending church at Sandringham here.

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  1. Difficult to tell the difference in your two frontal shots of the red-knowzed rain gear!
    The trouble has now been shared... or doubled!?

    Your Dad looks quite cheery for an old'un in your selfie....
    that chocolate cake must have been good!!