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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Lucy's Concert!

 Norfolk Symphony Orchestra
 Corn Exchange, King's Lynn

I have a wasted alot of time this weekend and haven't really achieved anything much. Family issues on Saturday and Father now refusing to take any more of his tablets, so the clock will be ticking now.

The best thing that happened this weekend was watching Lucy in concert – playing 2nd violin with The Norfolk Symphony Orchestra at the Corn Exchange in King's Lynn. Vivien and I were both there to support her and obviously to enjoy the concert. It was so lovely to watch Lucy play her violin – the love of her life.

You are not supposed to take any pictures in the theatre, but I was a rebel and took a couple of pictures at the end – I wouldn't have done this during the concert as this would have been inappropriate and rude. I was thinking about taking a third picture when a lady usher on our far right hand side looked at me with a very disapproving glare – she started to walk towards us and then stopped when I didn't take the third picture! I whispered to Vivien that we needed to exit to our left!

Lucy looked so happy when she joined us in the foyer at the end of the performance and said she enjoyed it more than the last concert in November. I think she has settled into it now – her nerves were awful at the last concert, as it was the first time she had played in public for over ten years! I'm so pleased for her and overjoyed she has joined the NSO again. I take her to rehearsals every week – however I have forewarned her that when the evenings get lighter and a rare bird turns up she will have to get a taxi! Looking forward to the next concert!
Orchestra and Actors take a bow at the end of their performance
Lucy is shorter than me! There is a lady violinist to the left of and behind the conductor
– you can just see Lucy's head to the left of that violinist!

Lucy and I just after her concert!

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