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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Weekend Update!

Saturday was a very frustrating day – I could hardly move, after pulling a muscle in my lower back on Friday.

My sister Lucy played violin in her third concert this year today, but sadly I wasn't able to go because of working all day. I went to King's Lynn docks after work and watched two Peregrines on the tower, plus lots of gulls around, including several summer plumaged Black-headed Gulls and a big flock of Turnstones and a dozen or so Mallard. Went to see Lucy after the concert – she was still on a high and looked happy but tired – it was a long day, rehearsing the entire concert and then doing it all again an hour later – so proud of her.

I spent the evening with my parents and helped Father get into bed before I returned home. Saw a Barn Owl sitting on top of a hedge between Holme and Old Hunstanton on route back.

Two six day weeks is taking its toll, but really looking forward to my first mini break – finish this Wednesday and not back until Wednesday 30th March – can't wait! Hopefully there will be some Spring migrants to see over the Easter break. Some nice southerly winds coming my way on Thursday!

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