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Saturday 17 March 2018

50mph East Winds, Snow, Lunch, Birding & More!

Dramatic Sea & 50mph East Winds at Cley Beach!

My mother is not too well at the moment, so I drove over to her house early this morning to help with a few personal chores, washed her hair for her etc. My mother is extremely deaf (not according to her though!) and whilst in the kitchen I could hear a huge thud, as though something had slammed against the house – the 50mph winds seem to soften the thud and I could not work out what it was – mother didn't hear a thing. A short while later on route upstairs, from the window I could see that a huge brick pillar had fallen smack down on the paving stones, right outside mother's dining room window where she feeds the birds and where there are several bird drinking pools. This brick pillar has been there since before my parents bought the house and is approximately 8ft tall. I was horrified to see this fallen down – it had not smashed, but remained intact, all 8ft of it. One of my mother's first jobs in the morning is to put bird seed out, she could have been out there at that time, I shudder to think what might have happened! Mother then informs me that it has been 'loose' for a long time!!! She also said that father said it would never fall down as it had a metal bracket within the structure/attached to the concrete foundation – well father, you were right about so many things, but got this one wrong I'm afraid!

It was wickedly cold today, the coldest day I can recall for a long time – the bitter east wind was awful. I put the bird seed out for mother and sprinkled some on the new brick pillar bird table! I just hope there were no bird fatalities when this hit the concrete! I spent a long time watching the birds in the garden which included Robins, Hedge Sparrows, Chaffinches, Great Tits, Blue Tits, Coal Tit, Blackbirds, Wood Pigeons and Pheasants. I tried to persuade mother to come out with me for lunch, but to be honest I don't blame her for not wanting to leave the house in these extreme weather conditions.

Headed to Holt to return Lucy's shoes to 'Siddalls', that she bought 28 days ago – last day to take them back! She decided that they were not as comfortable as she thought they were. Whilst in Siddalls, I purchased a pair of 'Joya' black walking sandals for the summer 😂 which were half price and so luxuriously comfortable, I couldn't leave them in the shop. Went into 'Bakers and Larners' for a quick look round and then headed to a jewellers shop to purchase a clock that mother wanted – mission accomplished! It was now 3pm, I was really hungry and very late for my lunch.

Next destination: Natural Surroundings Cafe at Glandford where I had a fabulous lunch of Leek and Potato Soup with wholemeal bread, followed by a piece of courgette, lime and mascarpone cake which was divine! Yes, I'm still on the diet before anyone comments! Allowed 'smart points' for this and all accounted for! I have lost 8lbs so far! Eddie walked into the cafe (unexpectedly) and joined me – he also had cake! Bought some meal worms. Walked to the lake with Eddie and saw no birds of note at all – it was freezing, even with all my serious layers on. Walked around the path through the trees and back along the main drive to my car. Eddie left to walk to Glandford Ford and I headed to Cley.
Rolling Surf at Cley Beach

What was I thinking?!!! There wasn't another soul in the beach car park at Cley – anyone normal would be tucked up indoors, toasting their toes by the fire! The wind was so ferocious that I could hardly open the car door. I love dramatic seas and I got my fix big time! The sea was like the devil possessed! I could hardly hold the phone still to take a picture! I didn't spend long out there! The beach shelter has filled up with shingle again, but if you are my height or under, its fine! Left Cley and returned to Holme via the coast road. Stopped at Stiffkey Campsite car park on route to watch for raptors – none seen!

Delivered mother's clock, meal worms and a portion of chips from 'Eric's' – fell asleep, chatted, had coffee and left to return to King's Lynn. I should have left earlier, the snow was falling heavily and the blizzard driving home was not funny at all. Took my time and got home safely. I'm at work tomorrow, hope I don't have to walk in. Looking out of the window now, I can only see a white car! Oh dear! Roll on Summer!

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  1. "meal worms and a portion of chips" - that's a tough diet you're on, Penny

    John W