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Friday 27 April 2018

Friday Update!

Things are not too good right now with my health for a number of reasons. Had to go to my GP late afternoon for various things – a more minor complaint being a painful right hip. The doctor I saw was very good and quickly diagnosed my hip as suspected 'Trochanteric Bursitis' – which I need to have an X-Ray for to confirm this. This condition is "inflammation of the bursa (fluid-filled sac near a joint) at the outside (lateral) point of the hip know as the greater trochanter. When this bursa becomes irritated or inflamed, it causes pain in the hip." I left the surgery with various bits of paper and prescriptions and felt like an old lady.

I am finding it extremely difficult to cope at the moment, partly due to my mother's increasingly failing health and her wanting to 'give up'. She is fed up with medication, treatment and hospital visits. Life can be so cruel. I have not got over losing my dear father yet and can not deal with the possibility of losing my mother too. My mother has asked me not to talk about her 'illness' on my blog (which has been going on since September 2016 and before father died on 23rd February 2017), so I can't say much more than that – but it rocked our already rocky world, when my mother was diagnosed that September. Both my parents were in and out of hospital at that time, but I couldn't talk about it then. I don't understand why someone who has been so healthy all their life, never smoked, drank or anything unhealthy, should be struck down with such a black card – so unfair, so sad and its making me ill too. Its a very difficult time for my sisters and I right now.

On a different matter, I really wished I hadn't changed my car insurance to 'SAGA' – for anyone considering this, don't bother! I have never known such an ordeal, just to get my cracked windowscreen replaced. I really wished I had stayed with 'More Than'.

I had a good result when I phoned 'Apple' about my burnt out USB cable. When I purchased my iMac last Autumn, I was supplied with a USB cable for recharging the wireless mouse. I presumed (wrongly) that this USB cable was the same as my iphone USB cable – after all they look identical. Normally when I offload pictures from the iphone to the iMac, I use the iphone USB cable, but on Tuesday, I used the USB cable that recharges the mouse. Anyway, it was explained to me by 'Walter' a very nice Apple Technician in Ireland, that the reason the wire started to burn was because the wireless USB cable is specifically for the mouse and is not high powered enough for the phone, which is why is started to burn!!! He said I was very lucky, as it could have knocked out the iMac and the phone!!! It was a good job I removed the cable so quickly! Lesson learnt! Walter is very kindly sending me another USB cable free of charge, which he didn't need to do, being as it was entirely my fault. My only complaint is that I wish the cables looked different – they may be different internally, but on the outside they are identical.

Looking at the weather forecast, it looks like rain most days until next Thursday morning, when the sun will appear again, great!!! Miserable weather! Rain all day on Saturday with NE winds. Cloudy, but mostly dry on Sunday with NE winds. Heavy rain on Monday with 40mph winds first thing. Dull and wet on Tuesday. Rain all day on Wednesday and sunny intervals on Thursday!


  1. I really enjoy your blog and how you wear your heart on your sleeve. I'm so sorry to hear of your current sad events which is something so many of us have to face up to in our lives at some point.
    I really appreciate reading about local sightings no more than currently as I am having a three day birding holiday there from Monday. The weather looks grim but perhaps it will drop in some interesting migrants.
    Chin up :-)

    1. Hi Dave - thank you so much for your very kind and supportive words, much appreciated. I hope you had a fabulous time birding in Norfolk this week. Best Wishes Penny