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Thursday, 2 May 2019

Great Spotted Cuckoo Update!

Not seen today by anyone, unless of course someone has suppressed it – I hope not, especially for all the local 'Cley Square' birders who have been walking their socks off to find it!

The only picture obtained was taken by David Griffiths and is on the Cley Bird Club Website: Scroll down to Wednesday 1st May and click the little camera symbol to view the picture. Wow!

Also see John Furse's account and brilliant poem on Birdforum HERE! Post No. 3. How dare anyone even question John's magnificent find, just because he wasn't lucky enough to photograph it to prove what he saw! All those sad doubters will be quiet now, after birding legend Dave Holman saw the GSC himself, after a very kind birder alerted Dave straight away (in Meadow Lane) when he spotted the 'cuckoo' in his scope, sitting in the brambles at Gramborough Hill! Oh, and there IS a picture as well now! All sorted, all confirmed, won't be any problems with acceptance of this bird now! Congratulations to John and to the handful of other birders that got lucky!

Maybe, just maybe its still hanging around – its been so elusive, it wouldn't surprise me at all if its still in the Salthouse/Kelling area. It would be a fab bird for my Bank Holiday Weekend Birding List and for many others! Keep looking!

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