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Thursday, 9 July 2020

Life Update!

I'm not going into full details, but things have been extremely difficult for me over the last few weeks. Last week in particular was really bad and I hardly moved from the sofa, never mind leave the house. To add to everything else going on, I have had and still have spasms of chronic toothache, which started last week. I had an emergency dentist appointment on Monday this week and had 2 x-rays – the dentist I saw (not my usual one) said I didn't have infection in the tooth that I thought it was and it was explained to me that because its a root filling (with gold crown) that it was nigh on impossible for that tooth to be in pain. The dentist thought it was another tooth (front right) that has a particularly deep mercury filling and he believes this filling is causing me pain and it needs to be replaced with a white filling. But, they are waiting for their full PPE kit to arrive, which will be around three weeks away and until then, they are not doing any aerosol treatments, which includes drillings or fillings! So I have to wait! I then went to BOOTS and purchased Clove Oil for the first time and combined with paracetamol, this has really helped. I have had several nights with no sleep at all, as the pain always seems to be ten times worse at night – laying flat is not possible. This has resulted in me being absolutely wrecked on top of my depression – great!

I'm still not allowed to take Lucy out in my car or walk into the house where she lives, which is very frustrating, but apparently its because two people are still 'shielding' where she lives. Mind you, I haven't been well enough to take her out anyway. Goodness knows when she will see the beach again and its really affecting her a lot. I did meet up with her and Vivien in "The Walks" this week, but it was awful, the weather was dull and it was spitting with rain and there were loose dogs running everywhere and barking at us. One yappy dog came right up to us and just barked continuously – the owner didn't call it back, but just walked right up to us and said 'he's just noisy, he won't bite' – she then proceeded to walk through our circle of 2 metre chairs, which meant she was less than a metre from each of us! You couldn't make it up! We couldn't sit in peace at all. We are not going there again.

I saw my first Hummingbird Hawk-moth in MY garden ever at around 4.20pm today, frustratingly I did not have time to get the camera out, as I was rushing out of the door to the hairdressers – it was feeding on my newly flowered buddleia. Not only was I shocked to see this, but it has been raining ALL DAY! This was the last thing I expected to see in this weather! I still don't have any bird feeders up, I think I have solved the rat situation and have not seen one for ages now, but frightened about putting them back, even though my Robin and tame Blackbird keep hinting!

At 5pm I finally got my hair done. The last time I was at the hairdressers was the 22nd January! I missed my 7th April and 23rd June appointments. I had to wear a mask to walk in the hairdressers and all the staff were PPE'd up and all stations cleaned down after use. It was such a relief to look tidy again and get the roots done! Hopefully I will be returning to work next week, if all goes well with mind and tooth!!! Its going to be a long night, as I have taken Paracetamol and applied the Clove Oil and I'm STILL in pain!

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