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Sunday, 12 July 2020

West Acre Gardens & Weekend Update!

Thursday evening was hell, with no sleep and severe 10/10 pain with my tooth. Spent all morning Friday trying to get my tooth sorted, its such a long tedious story, so I won't go into it all. In summary, none of the dentists have the correct PPE, in order to do aerosol work eg fillings and drilling etc and they estimate it will be four weeks before they get the PPE, so I will just have to live in pain. I'm not having the tooth out, as the gap will show when I smile, so will just have to wait until I can get it refilled. There is no guarantee that an implant tooth can be done, it depends on your bone density I found out, so absolutely not getting that tooth extracted. Less pain Friday night, but was awake all night worrying about the tooth! Saw the Comet from my bedroom window at around 3.30am! Saturday was spent recovering from no sleep, but managed to potter about in the garden and did a few jobs in the house. I should have gone to North Point Pools to see the Lesser Yellowlegs really, but I couldn't face all the traffic and was too tired anyway.

Today I went on my first little outing in ages. When I first moved to King's Lynn, I visited West Acre Gardens and purchased some wonderful plants, which I still have. One of them is like a bamboo, but isn't...... its currently about 8ft high! For some odd reason I haven't been to West Acre for at least ten years and its only eleven miles from my house! So, I popped over this afternoon and was so glad I did. There were a bit too many people there really and it was insanely hot, but the gardens were absolutely beautiful. Its a brilliant place to go, as its free to walk round their very high walled gardens. They sell lots of unusual plants and there are now tearooms too! Hollyhocks, rambling roses, fig trees, tons of giant bamboo which is fascinating, lots of different grasses, the list goes on. Lots of seats to sit on and mature trees overhang the wonderful stone wall. It really is a beautiful place. I purchased four items, can't remember what they were called now, but one was a small tree that flowers in September and is popular with insects, two were very tall plants that had huge big yellow flowers which were full of bees and a small pink flowering plant. I'll add the names when I look again tomorrow.

I heard some very sad news today. Firstly, several people camped on top of Gramborough Hill at Salthouse last night, so goodness knows what they have left behind. The iconic Gramborough Hill signpost has been ripped out of the ground!!! NT and local birders had a good search and couldn't find it anywhere. Maybe someone had taken it home? How nasty is that! That sign has been there for god knows how many years – why would someone do that?!😢 

Very early this morning, I saw a Heron perched on someone's tall Leylandi! It dropped down to the ground somewhere and returned to its perch and did this a few times – someone may be missing some fish from their pond! A few birds are starting to return to my garden since I put the bird feeders back yesterday. Today I have seen a Blackbird, Hedgesparrow, Robin, Song Thrush, Starling and a Blue Tit. I really hope that all the House Sparrows come back, not seen one yet! Lots of flying ants in King's Lynn this afternoon and evening, which resulted in tons of gulls in the skies and a few Swifts.

I am going to pray that I get a full night's sleep tonight. Good night!

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