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Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Chasing Orca's!


Lots of Orca messages on the WhatsApp group today. Left my house after work and headed south to try and see my first Orca. I rang Hugh H. who was watching them with others at Levenwick as I was driving there (hands free). The pod of Orca's were heading towards Mousa Sound, so I drove there and several people were waiting on the top road in hope of seeing them as they presumably headed north. A message came up to say they were seen at Noness, so I flew over there, but no sign of Orca's or watchers. Headed back to Mousa and parked my car by the ferry and with a tip off from a taxi driver and passenger, walked around the path next to the harbour and found several people standing on a headland, who had been watching them moments before I arrived!!! Baz Scampion on holiday from Norfolk was here too, with Emma. Sadly, the Orca's were not seen again, I knew this would happen, oh well, I tried my best. I will catch up with them one day. We all left here and I bumped into Jim N. at the car parking area, who told me Hugh H. had headed to Fladdabister, so I headed there and joined a few people. The highlight was listening to Jim's very jolly Shetland fiddle music he was playing in his car. I returned to Lerwick and had fish 'n' chips from Fort's Cafe and sat on the harbour next to Tesco and shared a few chips and bits of fish to a Herring Gull and its begging sibling. Hooded Crows, Gannets, Black Guillemots, Redshanks x 2, Oystercatchers and House Sparrows seen. Nearly fell asleep, made it home!


  1. Always stand your ground Penny! Pick a site and watch until it goes dark or you see one.

  2. Bird watchers are always patient. Now you have all the time in the world.
    Have read you6 blog for many years and so pleased you are now living the dream. You deserve this and don't regret leaving Norfolk
    Follow your star .