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Wednesday, 5 February 2014


I WON THE LOTTERY!!!! OK, well not the big one, but I got three numbers and have won £25.00!!!! All thanks to Eddie, who very, very kindly bought me a lottery ticket for five weeks for my birthday!!! This win was for Saturday's draw, only just bothered checking it. Last draw 22nd Feb., so still time for the big one yet!

 My Storm Report on 7th December 2013 now has my biggest amount of views of any post on my blog and has had 6,473 views!

Spent some of my birthday Debenhams vouchers on some luxury feather and down pillows (to be delivered). I'm really looking forward to having these, as I only have naff, average quality, feather pillows that have never been comfortable. When I was a 'gal', I remember having a really heavy, quality feather pillow and I have never found one of the same quality and comfort since, so we will see. Things are not made like they used to be – only 'old' people make this statement! Oh yes....... I do now fall into that catagory!

I lost a stone just before Christmas following Weightwatchers, but then gave up, which is typical of me! But tonight, I joined 'Slimming World' (along with several of my work colleagues) which everyone says works better than WW and admittedly it does seem simpler. No counting points, which is good. So hopefully this will work!!! Time will tell!

Night out tomorrow with my work colleagues – looking forward to that!

All the parts have now arrived for my camera lens and I am taking it to be repaired this coming Monday, hurrah!!!

The speed camera at Heacham, by the turn off road to Ringstead has been removed – excellent!

Mother's birthday on Sunday and Lucy's on Monday – no presents sorted for either yet, arghhhhhhhh!!!

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