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Sunday 30 March 2014


My parent's Peter & Margaret Clarke on their Wedding Day
at St. Mary's Church, Holme-next-Sea –
30th March 1964.     

 Golden Wedding Anniversary
"Congratulations on Your 50 Years of Marriage"
30th March 2014

Announcements in the Lynn News and the EDP
Announcement in Lynn News Friday – 28th March.
Announcement in Eastern Daily Press – 29th March.
A wonderful sunny day spent with my family at Holme. My sisters and I made up a wicker basket, lined with gold fabric (sewn in by me and it took forever to do) filled with gold themed presents and adorned with ribbons. A cake with hand-piping by me, which wasn't too bad, but I won't make a cake decorator! An Aqua-packed flower bouquet which included freesia's, these are my mother's favourite flower (bought from a florist in King's Lynn). I spent hours yesterday, making a huge (so father could see it) A3+ card, which had the above picture on the front, mounted on sparkly gold and black card, with a picture of a Wheatear on the back and Holme Beach on the inside, along with a mass of sparkle and glitter added inside and cellophane wrap to protect it – I have never spent so much time creating a card!
Front of my card

Back of my card – Wheatear at Holme

Inside of my card – Holme Beach

We put up gold anniversary balloons and a Golden Wedding Anniversary Banner to jazz up the house. Mother and father had several cards from local people, which was really nice of them. Peter Ham very kindly dropped in a bottle of wine, whilst we were there, which was really nice, as father rarely gets any visitors nowadays.
We had a very grand lunch out (not) – at parent's request, we had fish 'n' chips at home followed by raspberry trifle – all good for the waistline!

After lunch, mother and father opened their presents – well actually, mother opened the presents whilst father worked his way through a box of Lindt chocolates, which Lucy and Vivien made a good job of assisting with as well! In the 'gold' basket we had: a Thornton's chocolate champagne bottle, 4 Lindt Bunnies, a gold Teddy, Nescafe Gold, Werthers sweets in jar, gold heart chocolates in jar, 3 boxes of Lindt Swiss Luxury Collection chocolates, Organic honey, Mango Jam, Swiss Chocolate Eggs, Half bottle of Champagne, Framed picture of their wedding day, Gold Candle, Gold ornate watering can, gold chocolate coins, gold pen, black magic..... can't remember some of the presents now!
The Gold Basket of Presents!

Spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the garden – it was so warm, couldn't have asked for better weather – a Chiffchaff serenaded us. Both parent's refused to have their pictures taken together, but father let me take one of him. I was really worried that father wouldn't make their special anniversary, so glad he did – he seemed fairly well, apart from being unsteady on his feet. Had cake and naughty things for tea. A lovely day all round.
The cake I attempted to decorate!

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