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Saturday, 29 April 2017


Three months ago I made my Saturday morning appointment between 8am and 1pm to have my boiler serviced. I pay BG £20.00 a month for breakdown of my central heating system and boiler and because of that I expect a good service. British Gas sent me a polite reminder on Wednesday to confirm that they were coming out this morning. It takes a long time to get a Saturday appointment and my boiler service was now overdue. I was up and ready early this morning and car packed to go birding as soon as they had been. It got to 11.30am, so I decide I better phone them to see what time they were actually coming....... they are not coming they tell me and apparently tried to ring me yesterday on my landline phone, even though I have told them before, that my landline phone does not work and even if it did, how would someone that works be able to answer their phone at home!!! I pointed out that I wasn't a lady that lunched, that I work 37.5 hours and sometimes 6 days a week. I went into the biggest rant of my life with multiple swear words. Apparently they had had too many emergency call outs. The lady I was speaking to 'Chloe' said she would ring the 'Dispatch Team' and ring me back, but guess what, she didn't!

I went all through the laborious process of ringing BG again and got through to 'Corina' who I then had to tell the entire story to again. She apologised, but apologies are not good enough as far as I'm concerned. It wasn't a last minute appointment, it had been booked for ages and no one had bothered to ring my mobile either yesterday or today to say it was cancelled. Corina asked if I would like another appointment next Saturday. 'No' I reply, we are scattering my father's ashes that day. She then offered me the following Saturday and I replied with 'you are joking..... and take the risk of you wasting another of my precious days'........ 'bleep the boiler' and slammed the phone down. She tried to ring back, but I didn't answer. My BP remained at top levels for a good few hours – I was beyond fuming. For the first time, they will be getting a serious complaint in writing from me with compensation for wasted time.😠

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