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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Ringstead & Titchwell RSPB!

I had go into town (hate doing this on a Saturday) to buy some new work trousers, which took far longer than expected! Headed to the Docks on route to the coast, there were lots of gulls feeding, but no sign of the Peregrines on the tower. It was fascinating watching huge numbers of racing pigeons drinking and bathing at a large puddle on the quayside near the tower. Mixed weather today with dark clouds and sunshine and it turned quite chilly later on.

Headed towards Ringstead and sat in my car at Greenway, to enjoy the view and have my lunch. I had wonderful sightings of a Red Kite, gliding west over the fields. Several Hares were lounging in the grass field and a Skylark was singing. Jackdaws were feeding on the lawn of the large property by Greenway and a beautiful tabby cat was sitting in a patch of long grass, observing the Jackdaws!

At Titchwell RSPB, I walked straight along the main path towards Island Hide. I was feeling very lazy and withdrawn and couldn't be bothered to haul the telescope and tripod out of the car. Much better travelling light with just bins and camera. But, when I reached the first pool on the left, I wished I had bothered to bring the scope, as I could only just about make out the two Little Ringed Plovers feeding in the shallow pools and mud. A Greylag Goose caused some excitement when it took off and dive-bombed a Heron that was fishing in the new cut reed channel – the Heron squawked in protest, as it was moved out of its fishing patch. I could hear Cetti's Warbler's bursting into tune, intermittently. It was really cold now. I had just walked past Island Hide and noted a very familiar figure sitting in the hide, so back-tracked and went to join Eddie! I was ranting and raving about all kinds of things to Eddie – he had been quietly enjoying the peace and tranquillity until I arrived! Sorry!

We walked back and around the Fen Trail and saw a Sparrowhawk speedily flying behind some bushes, but not much else of note, oh apart from good views of the Cetti's Warbler skulking about at the bottom of the reeds in the largest pool. In the car park a Robin appeared close by, giving us cute upward glances and seemingly begging for morsels. I only had grain in my camera support bag – I scattered a small amount and the Robin dived straight in! Eddie saw a Woodcock fly through the car park and over the hedge! I somehow managed to miss this.

I returned to King's Lynn and carried out lots of jobs on the Mac that needed to be completed. Last day tomorrow and then back to normality and work on Monday.

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