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Monday, 10 April 2017

Warning from HM Coastguard After Three Separate Rescues Involving People Cut Off At Scolt Head Island, Wells and Titchwell!

Check the tides before you go! If crossing any marshes or creeks to reach beaches or if out on a beach a long way from safety, ALWAYS return at least three hours BEFORE high tide. Don't be fooled by the fact that the sea is still a long way off, when you are sitting or walking on the beach – incoming tides fill in creeks and tributaries around you, without you realising. You are then faced with a very scary situation and this can prove fatal! Sandbanks are deceiving and it is difficult to judge the level of water distantly. Don't walk out to tidal islands you are not familiar with and do not under any circumstances let your child out of sight for even a moment. What can seem like an idyllic beach, can be a death trap for youngsters if not supervised – one moment you can see them and the next you can't – a beach is never flat. There are many gullies and different levels on a beach and a toddler or young child can easily disappear from view. Also there are numerous patches of quick sand all along the coast – many people are unaware of this.

Also DO NOT, walk along the edges of cliffs. You are often walking on an overhang and these regularly crumble away – there have been several accidents in Norfolk. Do not dig holes in dunes, climb into, and expect the sandy tunnel to remain intact when you are inside! Again, there have been several accidents.

Tide Tables are available from many shops and Tourist Information Centres along the Norfolk coast and often high tides are marked up on boards at various places along the coast or google to find out. Always be aware of the tide. A particularly high tide will cover ground quicker and if the wind is north and has any strength to it, will also increase the speed of the tide.

King's Lynn Port Tidal Information:

Burnham Overy Staithe:

Wells Bar:



General Beach Safety:

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