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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Father Now At Rest!

Now at peace – 4th May 2017

The Lark Ascending
(Romance for Violin and Orchestra)
Ralph Vaughan Williams

This evening, my mother, Lucy, Vivien and I had a little service for father and buried his ashes in a special place. We had planned on doing this on Saturday, but for a number of reasons, we brought this forward. We decided not to scatter the ashes, it didn't seem quite right somehow. It took a long time to dig the hole in our chosen 'special' place. We lined the hole with something he loved and then on top of the ashes, we placed 4 white and 4 red carnations (stems cut in half) to represent peace and love from us all. We then placed large stones on top and then filled the hole back in.

We played 'The Lark Ascending' (played at his funeral) on my iphone, as we carried out our little family service – very tearful, but now he can finally be at rest – until we meet again. It won't be a date we forget obviously, but 4th May was Richard Richardson's birthday, father's closest friend – so this has added meaning to the date. Such a difficult thing to do, but we made the right decision in the end. I miss him so much and think about him every day and those thoughts will never leave me. So many happy memories of a wonderful father.

Rest in Peace


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