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Friday, 26 May 2017

HOT Friday Night!

My house feels like the central heating is on max, even with all the windows open!

Busy bee last night – cut all my front hedges with shears, which took over two hours, did the supermarket run etc. I have had to give up my Couch To 5k running temporarily, as my left ankle is very painful, feels like I have pulled ligaments and have been sitting with a pack of peas on it this evening and now bandaged up for support.

Overall it has not been the Spring that we hoped for so far. Not one single rare bird has turned up to get the heart racing and the wheels spinning! Hoping that will change when the storm arrives on Monday! There just seems to be a general lack of birds all round. I have heard a few dawn chorus's and it was so sad to hear – a very quiet chorus compared to when I was a youngster, when it used to be almost deafening!

Hope you all have a good weekend, don't forget the suncream, or stay in the shade. Saturday will be boiling, a little cooler on Sunday and storms hit on Monday! Winds remain south east on Saturday, changing to south west at 4pm – Sunday remains south west and then changes to west north west at around 4pm – Monday starts off with east winds, veers south east at 1pm, then south and south westerly.

I have another mini break and don't go back to work until next Thursday!

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