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Friday, 6 October 2017

Crazy Week!

I have had TONS of things to do this week! I have given up trying to make my Adobe Photoshop CS5 work on my new iMac and Macbook Pro laptop! So I have purchased the Adobe Creative Cloud package, which includes the latest Photoshop and Lightroom which is a monthly fee of £9.98. Not got the time to learn Lightroom before I leave for my holiday, but was pleased to find the basics that I normally use in the new Photoshop – very excited about exploring these programmes in full when I return to Norfolk.

I eventually managed to copy all my Time Machine copy onto my iMac, so currently I have both iMac and laptop running, internet working, Photoshop on both and emails arriving in my 'In Box', but I can not send a single email out!!! Tried ringing TalkTalk early this evening, but they were not able to help me, as updating all their servers and asked me to ring back tomorrow at 8am. Its rather odd, as I can send emails via my iphone, so must be something to do with the settings on the new devices.

Last night I chipped off a third of a tooth along with a filling, whilst enjoying a butter mint sweet on the way into town after work – as Hilary said at work today 'older people should not even touch hard boiled sweets'!!! Assuming that I'm in the 'older people' category, I agree with her! I was very, very lucky and managed to get an appointment for 2pm and with my favourite dentist! That sweet cost me £56.30!!! The dentist very kindly de-scaled my teeth, had a general check and smoothed out another tiny chip I did a few months back.

Parcels have been arriving non stop this week: socks, new mouse mat etc! I also purchased another Magic Mouse 2, so I can use this for the laptop at the same time as the iMac – you can not use one mouse for two devices, I discovered!

Loads of other stuff has gone on, but been so busy I can't remember what else has happened. I have never been less ready for a holiday. I have not done a list or anything yet – ironing to do tomorrow, packing, organise camera bag etc. Also need to go and visit Mother before I leave. She is infuriatingly attempting to finish clearing her pond, which I started and Vivien's partner Ray has also cleared some – she told me this evening that she got stuck in the sludge/mud today and had to use all her strength to crawl out!!! She does make me angry at times – she seems determine to annoy me, just before I go on holiday! Its role reversal when you get older, the parents act like naughty children!

Anyway, time to retire – desperate for eight hours sleep – good night!

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