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Friday, 18 October 2019


Levenwick Beach

Another beautiful day here on Shetland! Had all my gear packed up early to leave my B+B. Put most of my luggage in the car before I had a lovely full english 'veggie' breakfast at 7.30am. Had a lovely chat with Sandra who is the sister of the person that normally runs this B+B, about life here in Lerwick. She was telling me that a new hospital is being considered for Shetland, when I asked her about jobs at the hospital. She loves it here and said there is a real community spirit and also said that 'Sandwick' is another good place to live.

After leaving Eddlewood Guest House, I went to Tescos to do a food shop for the next few days for my self-catering apartment, that I am checking into this morning. I couldn't pick anything frozen up, as wanted to go and see the Western Subalpine Warbler at Hillwell first. Cruised along the sweeping bends and vast lochs – the views were incredible.
Garden next to the house below

The Western Subalpine Warbler was in the hedge of this house!


Found the Western Subalpine Warbler spot fairly quickly and also saw the bird pretty promptly too! Although, it wouldn't pose in the purple Hebe flowers for me (as it did for Jacquie Bridges yesterday), it was a fabulous bird to watch, skulking around the hedge in the front garden of a small house. Also met Hugh H. here too. Left here and went to Voortrekker Self-Catering Apartments at Levenwick to drop off my food shopping quickly and then return to see/look for birds. I will do an entire review on my apartment, but in summary, it is the most stunning place I have ever stayed in – the attention to detail and cleanliness is unbelievable.

Went to Exnaboe to find the Red-breasted Flycatcher – this took longer than expected, but I did eventually see it, perched on a post and on the top of dry stone wall – not close enough to get a picture though. Female and Male Blackcaps here too and several Robins. Met some lovely Shetland birders here and one very nice man called Graham, who showed me the spot where the Barred Warbler at Spiggie had been seen today, but we didn't have any luck with that. Stopped at Scousburgh Beach (close to Spiggie beach), which has beautiful white sands and is simply stunning.

I returned to see the Subalpine Warbler to try and get better photos than I did this morning at 11am, but wasn't able to photograph it at all. I saw this magical little bird again, but only several brief views. Hugh H. was here again and also three birders turned up, who had just come off Fetlar – one of them was the finder of the Siberian Rubythroat and they showed me the first picture they took of this bird – just imagine finding that!!!
The stunning apartment I'm staying in

Quinni Geo Apartment, Voortrekker, Levenwick

Levenwick Beach

Views of the Southpunds from my window late evening

The Northlink Ferry sailing past my window at Levenwick!

I headed to Levenwick and parked up by the beach, for a quick meander round – its now much colder this evening. Returned to my stunning apartment. Later 'Niki', the lady that owns this apartment complex (of three) texted me to let me know about the orange moon – it was indeed, a beautiful sight in the very black skies here. The views from my apartment are unbelievable! What will tomorrow bring in the strong NE winds and rain!?

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