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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

The Dentist Appointment From Hell!

An hour and a quarter in the dentist's chair today was pure torture. Never have I experienced such raw and evil pain at the dentist. If I had known how bad it was going to be, I would have had the tooth extracted. It started off with two injections, which didn't seem to numb me at all. Several more injections were administered throughout. It started off with plans of removing my amalgam filling to replace it with a white filling. When I previously saw the dentist he said that he thought the deep amalgam filling was causing my constant nerve pain and that a white filling should solve the problem. After drilling away the filling and hitting a nerve, I nearly jumped up from the chair. I was in agony so many times throughout and had to ask him to stop at one point. The dentist decided that a filling replacement was not going to work after he witnessed my extreme pain and then said he needed to do a root canal filling instead. The best way to describe that pain was like someone plunging a sharp pointed knife into a infected wound, it was excruciating beyond belief. It was as though I had had no pain relief at all. The pain intensified. 75 minutes later I was literally in tears. I have never cried at the dentist in all my life and I was really shaken up. The bad news is that this was only part 1!!!!! The cavity was filled with a temporary filling and I have to go back again at a later date to complete the treatment! As I walked back to my car in the town centre, I was shaking and felt seriously traumatized. I if I had been in a job where they didn't count each time off work as an 'episode' (you get interviewed after 'four episodes'), I would have never gone back to work in the afternoon. I don't know how I did manage to work, but I did and with no lunch either as I couldn't eat. CRAP DAY is an understatement.

When I got home this evening, I had to make several urgent calls, which I didn't feel like doing and then sat on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and wished to god that there was someone to look after me and cook my tea. One of the phone calls was to the dentist to ask if they had changed the type of pain relief they use, as I never felt the typical feeling of having a numb mouth at any stage in my treatment or after I left – the receptionist was not able to answer this and said she would find out. I managed to rustle up mashed potato and baked beans, which took ages to eat and was painful.

Last night wasn't much better either! As I got into bed and got comfortable, I discovered a wet patch on the sheet and realised it was a HUGE wet patch where my hot water bottle had leaked. Stupidly I had not emptied the hot water bottle from a few days ago and it had leaked over the sheet, soaked the duvet above and the pillows!!! This entailed having to strip the bed and hang things up all over the place to get dry. No words left........ good night! That is if I am able to get to sleep as just taken paracetamol, which hasn't worked!😭😭😭

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