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Monday, 14 September 2020

Vitamin D Deficiency and the Dentist!

If any of you have been wondering why there has been a lack of bird news from me lately, its because for the last few weeks I have felt unusually exhausted. By the time I finished five day's work, I have been asleep mostly at the weekends, which is very unlike me. I didn't understand what was going on. Yes, my job is hard work, but not to the degree that I wanted to sleep all weekend!!! Long story short...... last week I had a blood test on Tuesday and got the results on Friday evening, to discover that I'm very low in Vitamin D – my level was 21. "Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency can include muscle weakness, pain, fatigue and depression". I have been given a high dose prescription of Vitamin D, which I have yet to pick up, as they prescribed capsules instead of tablets – my GP always forgets I am vegetarian! So, hopefully my energy levels will kick in again over the next few weeks! Huge thanks to one of my work colleagues, who suggested that I may be low in Vit. D, as she has been in exactly the same situation. I expect there are many people low in Vitamin D this year!

Tomorrow I FINALLY have my dentist appointment to get my tooth re-filled. Its only taken since my triage appointment on 6th July!!! Its taken that long for the dentist to get the full PPE in order to do aerosol treatments (drilling and refilling). I have suffered with pain on and off with this silly little tooth for weeks and weeks and it has affected my sleep patterns and mood massively. I feel both relieved and scared all at the same time – I don't know anyone that enjoys going to the dentist!

Hairdressers next week – hopefully I will be sorted all round!!! I have three weeks holiday booked soon for Autumn Migration. Originally I had booked to go to Shetland again (before Covid-19), but cancelled due to not being able to book an extra day to get much cheaper flights – insanely expensive to fly on a Saturday! So I will be birding in Norfolk, but may take a few day trips further afield if the fancy takes me!

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