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Sunday, 1 November 2020

Day 3 - Hospital Update!

I didn't have a good night's sleep, as my pain intensified and had to have Oramorph and Paracetamol at 4.15am and again later this morning, but even this strong dosage didn't relieve my pain. It has been very difficult waiting for my CT results from 6pm yesterday until 10.30am today – you obviously imagine all kinds of stuff. I managed to be the first patient in the shower this morning before breakfast, even though I was exhausted – I didn't want to miss the doctor's round.

Saw Consultant Mr Redwood at 10.30am who unbelievably said they found nothing on my CT scan.... I was at least expecting a kidney stone! He said 'Number 1, you don't need to be in hospital now’ (so being discharged) 'but Number 2, I feel you need further investigation and we will see you in our outpatient's clinic in a few weeks time', which may then involve an MRI scan. I'm guessing that in the 'old days' I would have been kept in, but being a weekend, with bed shortages and Covid, I'm sure they already have someone lined up for my bed! So going home today, when my discharge letter and medication has been done. I have to continue with the antibiotics to get rid of the urine infection (goodness knows how I got that) but as another member of staff said to me this morning, NHS staff are not very good at drinking enough when we are working and that could be why.  Looking forward to my veggie roast dinner shortly!

Although most of the food is excellent at QEH, sadly my veggie lunch did not live up to expectations. After my third dose of Oramorph, I slept on my bed for most of the afternoon. I knew that the discharge letter and medication would take considerable time and in any case, I wasn't in a hurry to go – I would only be resting at home. Eventually at 4.30pm, the Sister on the ward arrived at my bedside with discharge letter and medication. I was surprised and pleased to have been given some Oramorph to take at home, along with antibiotics – but I was told that being as I live alone, I can only have 5mls of Oramorph every 8 hours, whereas in hospital I was allowed 5mls every 4 hours. A porter kindly wheeled me out along the corridor, via lift and to the West Wing Entrance, so that I only had a short walk to my car. It was painful to drive, so good job it only took a few minutes to reach home.

Obviously its good to be back home, but that means I now have to cook for myself again!!! It was lovely having meals put in front of me with no washing-up to do! All the ward staff on Denver Ward were very kind, caring and professional under the usual time pressures. There were some very poorly patients on my ward which was difficult to see – life can be so very cruel. Housekeeper 'A' was particularly lovely and took time to chat with me, which was very kind of her.
As soon as I got home and unpacked my stuff, I phoned "Galliano's" and ordered one of their scrumptious veggie pizzas to be delivered, there was no way I felt like or was going to cook this evening. Fell asleep on sofa until pizza arrived and fell asleep after pizza arrived! Still in pain, but reassured now I have Orapmorph to take if required, which I'm sure I will, as paracetamol alone doesn't touch the pain. I think its safe to say, I won't be getting up early tomorrow! Again, thank you all so much for your kind messages via email, text, Twitter and Facebook, it is much appreciated indeed.


  1. In Europe you would have had the mri straight away and had an answer and treatment and then sent home! If only.

  2. You will feel better at home Penny, get well soon.