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Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Day 5 – Waiting To Be Diagnosed!

Not much news today, pain no different to yesterday. Worried I will become addicted to Oramorph. After leaving two more messages for Mr Redwood's stand in secretary this morning and then ringing a third time, I finally got hold of his secretary – she took all my messages again and said she would pass it on to Mr Redwood. My perseverance paid off, as later this afternoon he rang me, which I was quite surprised by! Long story short, he can't refer me anywhere else, until he has seen me in clinic in 2-4 weeks time! I can't sit in the same position for very long – the only comfortable position is laying on my left side. Very fed-up.

SECOND LOCKDOWN TOMORROW: Very pleased to hear that RSPB, NOA, NWT and Holkham nature reserves in Norfolk will remain open, but all hides, cafes and visitor centres will be closed, which is perfectly understandable. My hairdressing appointment on 25th November is cancelled (again)! Made another appointment for December, but lets all be realistic, it won't end on 2nd December!!!

So this time round, we can drive 'locally' for a walk/birding, but I do wish Boris had stated the maximum amount of miles that people can drive this time round!!! To me, living in King's Lynn it would seem perfectly reasonable to drive to Holme or Titchwell, but certainly not to somewhere like Cley. Its a good job its November and not east winds in October, otherwise birders would certainly be breaking the rules on what they would consider 'local'!!!

Not very happy with Blogger, who changed the format recently and even though I have stated I want 50 of my posts to show, without people having to click 'Older Posts' at the bottom, only one or two posts show!!! I don't know how to change it, very frustrating!


  1. hi penny. to change number of posts per page is easy. once logged in click on "layout" from the list on the right side of the page. in the "main" box click on "edit". change "number of posts..." to what you wish then scroll down to bottom of box & click on "save". that's it

  2. Hi Neil, I have it set and saved to show 99 posts, which I havn't changed or touched for years. Blogger suddenly showed only a few posts and when I googled etc, I discovered I am not the only one!