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Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Day 5 – Not Recovering At Home!

Today has been utterly rubbish to say the least. I woke up with such intense pain I could hardly get out of bed. It was unbearable, so much so that it was difficult to breathe properly. The intensity of the pain brought back haunting memories of my Endometriosis, which ended in an early hysterectomy at aged 33. It was even difficult to walk downstairs. Immediately took a dose of Oramorph and Paracetamol and crawled back upstairs to bed until the pain had improved. I was seriously thinking about taking myself to A&E.

After the pain had improved a bit, I phoned my surgery for my doctor to ring me back and also tried to get hold of Mr Redwood's (consultant who saw me in hospital) secretary, but a recorded message said she was on holiday and to call someone else, which I did and another secretary kindly called me back. I was told Mr Redwood was not back in the hospital until tomorrow, but would pass my message on that my pain was far worse than when I was in hospital.

Dossed around in my dressing gown, as it was too painful to get in the shower. My doctor rang me mid afternoon and gave me a very unexpected update. So, I was told that I had a severe urine infection both in A&E and on the ward, but the MSU report that had just come back today, was clear my doctor told me! I did not have a UTi (urine infection)?!!! I had a long discussion with him, as this did not make sense at all! I had had significant haematuria on Friday evening, which is why I rang 111 in the first place. My doctor said that it would be quicker for my consultant to refer me to the appropriate clinic, rather than him referring me. He said that I made need a Cystoscopy....... I discussed with him the awful possibility of my Endometriosis returning, which is a road I don't really want to go down or even consider. I had a full hysterectomy because of severe 'Endo' in March 1999 and have not suffered with it since a few months after the operation. When I googled to see if this was possible – its rare, but is possible. My doctor's reply was "it wouldn't be impossible". Vivien suggested that I may have a hernia, which I suppose is also possible (most likely femoral hernia if it was one, maybe?). I know I shouldn't be googling anything, but I know from past experience, that sometimes it does sometimes help to find stuff out yourself. My doctor prescribed more Oramorph for me to collect, when my one bottle runs out – he also told me that I can take the Oramorph every four hours at home (hospital told me every eight hours). After this phone call, I felt bewildered and frustrated at not knowing what the hell is going on.

I broke down in tears after ringing work to say I wouldn't be in tomorrow. Pi**ed off is an understatement! So after speaking to another colleague on the phone later, she kindly told me about the "Same Day Emergency Care Department", which I can go to instead of A&E, but I have to be referred by my GP. My first job tomorrow morning is to try and get hold of (or get another message to) Mr Redwood to highlight to him, that I didn't have a urine infection, that my pain is far worse and to request to be seen ASAP and by the appropriate team of consultants.

Managed to cook some tea. Rang my both my sisters for a catch up. Fireworks going off non-stop here, obviously people have got money to burn. Just taken another dose of Oramorph – the pain just won't go away, so fed-up. Going to bed early – good night.

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