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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Sunny Hunny, Memory Lane, The Search & Holme!

Sunset from Hunstanton Cliffs

I heard a really sad story today and felt compelled to help out. A 'person' who has had a terrible time recently and then ended up being ill themselves, also resulted in them losing their spectacles at the time of the incident (can't write this as I would like to). So I went off this evening to try and find the spectacles.

Firstly though I needed to eat, so I stopped off at Hunstanton (Sunny Hunny) to buy fish 'n' chips which I sat in my car to eat, parked up along the cliff top. The sun was setting – the sunset here is just stunning – golden rays shimmered across the sea to the cliff top edge. Threw a few chips and batter to the gulls, much to their delight. I really like Hunstanton (so much nicer than King's Lynn) – reminds me of my childhood days..... walking along the cliff top gardens with my Grandmother Hess (father's mother) who lived at Willow Road, Hunstanton with her persian cat Tilly. Trips to the Fairground and the excitement of going on the Helter Skelter, which was 8p a ride!!! Donkey rides, ice-creams and buying a present from 'Johnsons' on the sea front. Later on as a teenager I loved to go the Roller Skating Rink, where all the youngsters tended to meet. I loved to rollerskate and was fairly good at it, but not as good as a girl called Samantha Richardson, who was just brilliant – she was so good, she looked like a ballet dancer as she glided backwards, spinning round gracefully etc. Incidentially, Samantha is the sister of Matthew who very sadly died recently (see my post on 4th September). Going back to my Grandmother Hess – I can remember her loving crosswords and writing short stories, which she would send to magazines for publication. She loved Shirley Temple and Lena Zavaroni and had a few of their vinyl records which I now have. She was always on at me constantly about learning to dance so I could be on the telly and be famous! Its quite funny really as later on in life (far too late) I wished I had learn't to dance properly so I could be on the telly!!! The furthest I got was entering a talent contest which I didn't win, but remember loving every minute of dancing on that stage to three tunes: Just an Illusion (Imagination), Venus (Bananarama) and Blame It On The Boogie (Michael Jackson). I wore a really way out outfit (MC hammer type trousers etc, purchased from a funky shop called 'In time' in Great Yarmouth) with tons of red beaded plaits in my hair! I was around 18 at the time I think and was either in the middle of, or had just left Great Yarmouth College of Art & Design (DATEC in Textile & Surface Design). On Grannie Hess's cluttered table I can remember several items including a bottle of 'Camp' Coffee, a bottle of TCP, a big tin full of sewing stuff and lots of paper and pens. The house always smelt of TCP! Sadly us children never met Grandfather as he died of lung cancer long before any of us were born.

Anyway, I am rambling now, so back to the spectacle search! I spent a long time carefully looking along the verge of a very long hedge-lined road in a village in NW Norfolk and peering into the hedge itself, but frustratingly no sign of the spectacles. I was very disappointed that I didn't find them, I simply wanted to make that person's rubbish day, just a tiny bit better – oh well at least I tried.

I then re-located and went to visit my parents. Chaos in that house this evening! Father still can't hear a thing after his 10 days of ceramol ear drops. Both mother and father at their wits end with this. Father refusing more and more foods, which is stressing mother massively. The adopted stray cat was limping and not well, as is mother with her bad ankle (won't go to GP). The radiator plug is 'sparking'!!! The outside light is not working and there is a flood in the front garden!!! Anglia water said they will come out in the next 5 days – mother not happy and worried she will have foot the bill if it's a pipe on her property. Mother said she was going to call an electrician which I ordered her not to do, as I will get a new plug and I can mend the outside light (hopfully) by the weekend.

I was completely and utterly worn out by the time I got home!
 Sunset from Hunstanton Cliffs

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