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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Vivien's Visit & Family Photos from the Archives!

Penny, Vivien and Lucy
Sitting on the step of our family home at Holme-next-Sea.
Lucy and I were wearing our very fashionable 'Beep Beep' Trainers!
I must have been in the middle of painting the fence, I always wore this apron to do that job!
Father used to pay me £2.00 to paint the entire front fence annually!

I can't remember the last time my baby sister Vivien visited my house! Well, it's not her fault I'm never in! I'm always out birding when not at work and sadly for me, Vivien is not a birder. We really should spend more time together, it was lovely spending time with her this afternoon – she came over to cheer me up. Also it was nice to have some contact with the outside world! Turning into a crazy recluse in this house! I always refer to Vivien as my 'baby' sister, because she is! She was always very sweet and remains so. Writing this reminded me of some family photos that a deceased relative passed onto me a few years ago, that I photographed but hadn't got round to doing anything with until today. Here are some photos of photos (taken with my iphone) of my sisters and I, when we were youngsters.

All photos taken by my father ©Peter Clarke.

Penny, Vivien and Lucy
My 8th Birthday Tea Party – eating jelly and ice-cream!
I love this picture – Vivien looks so cute (front)!
Mother always made all the cakes, nothing was ever bought in, except for jam doughnuts!

Penny Aged 4, holding Lucy in the carrycot aged 1!
Vivien not born yet.

 Vivien with 'Grandad Charlie'
In our garden at Holme-next-Sea.
My mother's Adoptive Father.
Very fond memories of our grandad, who used to knock the plums off the trees
with his walking stick for us!

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