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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Curled Up & Hibernating!

Curled up underneath my wonderful scottish rug with a hot water bottle on the sofa, all afternoon! It looked evil outside and felt bitterly cold when I opened the front door earlier. Sleet and rain for most of the day and dull skies. How lazy, some of you might say! But one has to rest now and again at my grand old age of 50 and it felt so cosy and snug, whilst the wind howled outside! I was exhausted after my party last night and no I wasn't hung over, I only had four drinks – well I say 'only' thats alot for me, as I rarely drink and certainly not on a regular basis. I had to get up early this morning to let a British Gas engineer in, to fix my faulty hot water tank and after he left, I thought about getting back into bed, but opted to doze on the sofa instead. On hindsight I would be have been better going to sleep properly and then the entire day would not have been wasted. I also slept through my Skoda test drive appointment and woke up after the garage closed! Oh dear! Will try and get another appointment for tomorrow and also need to go to CleySpy too, so hope the snow doesn't lay. I have just remembered a nice little cafe I am going to for my lunch tomorrow, which I had almost forgotten about.


  1. Hey Penny, you don't have to curl up and die just cos you're 50 you know! (congratulations by the way). Wait till you get to my age, I'm certainly not curling up and dying, and don't intend to till I reach 110, and possibly not even then....

    1. Just felt like a rest day Sue. I intend to reach the 100's too, if I'm lucky! x