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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

New Year, New Me, Medical & Weather Update!, started diet AGAIN last week. Lost 3.5 pounds at my first weigh in this evening! A long way to get my goal though. Lots of changes this year in my mid-life crisis!

Goals for 2015
  1. 9 Stone in weight – achievable
  2. Move house – possible
  3. Change job – highly likely
  4. Go on Holiday – work harder
  5. Marry Johnny Depp – unlikely, though one has to dream!
  6. Change my car before guarantee runs out – currently sorting
  7. Find my own Mega! – yeah right! pigs flying!
  8. Spend more time with my family – important
  9. Keep blogging – hard work, but now part of daily life
  10. To keep up-to-date with adding pictures on my blog! – ?
The wind is howling and a gale is going on right now, but no snow here yet in North West Norfolk. Looks like we have escaped so far, but I'm sure we will get some – it always snows either just before or after my birthday. Been very, very busy lately with personal stuff. Got a very early birthday card this morning, thanks!

I had an appointment at St James's Clinic today with an Orthotic Consultant who assessed my Achilles tendinopathy in my ankle and my feet generally. The appointment was fascinating because of what I learnt about my feet and also because the consultant was half my age and well, rather dishy! Being serious now, I was told that from birth I have 'Rear Foot'/Forefoot Varus' – basically this means that I don't walk correctly! This also explains why I have pulled the ligaments in the same left ankle so many times. The consultant was very impressed with the orthotic insert that I had already purchased for my shoes, but said it needed adjusting. I waited around 15 minutes for him to make an adaption to my inserts – these would now suffice until my next appointment, when he will make a cast of my feet and make me a pair of three-quarter orthotic inserts to be worn in any shoe! He also complimented my shoes and said he rarely sees anyone walk into his clinic with good quality and supportive shoes. I was given exercises to do three times a day to improve my pain and have to go back in two weeks – its very rare that I look forward to going to any hospital appointment, but this one I am! He also kindly gave me a catalogue for my mother called 'Wider Fit Shoes' – these are the widest shoes you can buy in the UK apparently – my poor mother has tiny feet but because of bunions (result of being shoved into cheap, ill-fitting shoes as a little girl) she finds it impossible to find comfortable and wide enough shoes.

Out on a Community appointment this afternoon with Suzy, I spotted a Red Kite flying over the A10 just north of Downham Market, which was a nice surprise. I hope I'm not snowed in here at the weekend as I NEED to go birding – getting withdrawal symptoms!

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