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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Jobs, Gardening & Holme!

My day began at 7.30am with an hysterical, tearful phone call from my Mother. Father had got out of bed at 12.30am and fallen – when asked why, he stated he was looking for beetles. Mother phoned 'Swift Response' (a brilliant 24 hr service to get people up off the floor), but then cancelled them as she had managed to get father up (with him helping), which I really wish she hadn't! Then when Mother came downstairs this morning, she found Father standing by the door with his rollator frame (not safe to walk with one person, never mind on his own!) – the reason this time was because he wanted to get washed and dressed. He didn't have the energy and strength to make it back and just as he went to sit on the sofa, he slithered off onto the floor. Mother couldnt' get him up this time and again had to phone Swift Response who came out very quickly and helped him get back to bed. Let's just say, there was alot of things to clean up as well, which I won't go into details about. I know it sounds mean, but I didn't rush over, I knew that Swift Response would get there before me and I wouldn't have been able to get him up anyway. Hopefully the penicillin will kick in today after the second and third tablet.

I was hoping to see the Broad-billed Sandpiper that turned up at Snettisham and foolishly presumed it would stay longer then two hours, but I was obviously wrong! I also felt guilty about even considering going birding, when Mother was struggling with Father. I spent a long time doing some important jobs and then made a couple of phone calls which have reduced my monthly outgoings. My TalkTalk Account has sneaked up in price from £26.50 to £37.00 a month without me even being informed and I had a big rant at them today and asked how much notice I needed to give to cancel my package – that worked a treat and I was asked if I would like to be put through to the 'Loyalty Team' – 'yes please' I said. Long story short..... I will now be paying £32.30 to include 'Superfast Fibre Broadband' with YouView box as well!!! Result! Looking forward to uploading some youtube videos – should be loads quicker! Will be in place in approximately 5 days time, new router, new TV and a free Sim card (what do I need a Sim car for though?!!!).

I then phoned vodafone to have another rant. The admin team never bothered phoning me back after listening to the transcript phone call between a member of their staff and myself on 26th June who offered me a contract for £31.50 a month for my iphone 6 (with NHS discount). A later phone call discovered this member of staff was incorrect and it should have been £43.20, but I was told to ring the admin team who should honour the £31.50 as it was a verbal offer. Long story short again......! The lady I spoke today was extremely apologetic that no one had called back, offered me a £20.00 apology credit and said my new monthly contract would indeed be £31.50!!! Hurrah!!! (I was paying £33.60 for the iphone 5s!) I'm so glad that member of staff got the price wrong, he's saved me £11.70 a month! Glad I made the effort to ring both companies today!

After making a salad lunch and having a short nap, I headed over to Holme. Got a couple of items for Mother at Sainsbury's in Hunstanton. Tons of day trippers in the town and along the sea front. Father seemed alot calmer when I arrived at Holme – the penicillin had obviously kicked in thank goodness. I spent the rest of the day clearing their garden for them until 9pm – more or less done now. I didn't bother putting gardening gloves on this time, which I now regret as have two nasty blisters on my hand. AT LAST, father gave in and allowed me to help him with ablutions and getting him ready and into bed!!! Another result today! This saved Mother some energy. This mean't I didn't leave their house until 11pm though! Shattered. Hope to get out birding tomorrow – I'll go mad if I don't!


  1. Best wishes. It's the most trying time, I lost my dad just b4 xmas..
    Often see Hunstanton..22miles away across The Wash!

    1. Thank you. So sorry to hear of your loss. Memories never fade though.