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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Sunset At Hunstanton Cliffs!

A couple watching the sun setting over The Wash at Hunstanton

Saturday 4th July
Another roasting hot day which kept me indoors. I don't do hot weather, far too hot for me. I spent a long time checking that I had copied everything off the iphone 5s before deleting everything on it and the same with my old iphone 3G. The weather is apparently going to be more normal for the time of year next week – lets hope so!

At 4.45pm I left my house to nip into town to sell both phones. But I wasn't going anywhere, a neighbour has purchased a snazzy new, very long car and had parked it alongside the hedge opposite my drive, so that I couldn't get out. I knocked on their door and the lady came out (not English) and then phoned someone and then passed the phone to me... long story short, the driver was at B&Q with a friend – great!!! Very helpful to me that!!!!! I then had to work out who's the other car was and then had to go and knock on their door to move their car. This all took a good 15 minutes and rattled me big time. I still had a problem getting out and had to scrape my hedge in order to do so. If you have a long car, DON'T park alongside the hedge opposite me! I really do need to get organised and sell this house. I really can't be doing with this parking situation any longer and when I get the new car it will be even worse, as its slightly wider and longer than my current Skoda.

I eventually made it to shop and got a brilliant price for both phones. Last week when I enquired, I was offered £170.00 for the 5s, but because I found someone on line offering me £205.00, they matched it! They bought the 3G (buying on line for £3) off me for £25.00! The only problem was that they had to run a test on both phones and hadn't got time to do both, so I have to go back either tomorrow if I finish work early or Monday evening. If the neighbour hadn't blocked me in, I wouldn't have to go back again!

Returned home, made a salad tea and then went to Hunstanton to take pictures of the sunset. There were lots of bees feeding on the valerian plant at the top of the zig zag slope down to the cliffs, next to the Salad Bowl Cafe and bowling green. Lots of people around and couples romantically watching the sunset together. Did a bit of shopping for my parents and then returned home. There were loads of moths as I drove home via Ringstead.

These pictures look out of focus, but when you click on them to view, you will see they are sharp. This is because I sent them straight from iphone via Blogpress, which basically takes quality and sharpness out of pictures! I will load them up again tomorrow (copying pictures onto Mac and re-sizing in photoshop).
Sun setting over The Wash at Hunstanton

1 comment:

  1. Pix look very nice when viewed properly...
    Blobpress doesn't post well at all...
    a friend and neighbour [next village along] uses it and the pictures overlap into her sidebar!!

    Car problems...
    buy a can of yellow paint and....
    in the dead of night...
    paint some double yellow lines opposite!!

    Hope it does stay cooler for a while...
    I'm slowly melting.