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Saturday, 22 August 2015

BOOTED WARBLER at Gramborough Hill, Salthouse!

My worst 'record' shot to date!

Got up late, then started chores. It was a ridiculously hot day, too hot to go birding. I needed to get some extra shopping for Mother, so decided to ask my sister Lucy if she wanted to visit parents too and she jumped at the chance. Half an hour later I found out Eddie had found a BOOTED WARBLER!!! Hmmmm...... Lucy isn't a birder and was racking my brains, trying to work out how to include Lucy with the Booted Warbler! Long story short, picked Lucy up, did the shopping – then discovered the traffic was atrocious heading to the coast, so diverted to Holme via Hillington, Bircham, Docking and Thornham, which was a good move, no issues at all!

Had a nice time with parents, athough Father was asleep initially. Vivien was there too, which was an unexpected surprise. Left Holme around 6pm. Stopped just outside Burnham Overy Mill in a pull-in overlooking the coastline and gave Lucy her salad I had made for her, which she said was so good I should enter it into Masterchef!!! Followed by a peanut and dark chocolate cornetto from Burnham Deepdale Shop!!! I wouldn't normally have stopped to eat before seeing a Booted Warbler, but Lucy would want to eat her tea before we got to Salthouse.

We arrived at Beach Road, Salthouse at 7pm, bumping into Eddie M who found this fabulous bird, Pete S., John F. and others who had just walked back from Gramborough Hill. Lucy and I walked to the hill and it wasn't long before I got a brief sighting of the Booted Warbler at about 7.20pm. 10 minutes after we arrived, Lucy asked how long we were going to be here – 'until I get a picture of the bird Lucy' I replied. I saw it several more times, but only briefly each time and it was nearly dark at 8.15pm before I got my first picture – well I say picture, it wasn't even what you would class as a 'record shot'!!! A mere smudge on the camera, but it was thanks to Rob Martin (Punkbirder) that I got that! A few people had a glimpse of the Pied Flycatcher in the tamarisk, but I didn't see this. Whilst talking to Rob, he said that tomorrow looks very good indeed for rares, especially if we get the forecast rain in the afternoon on SE winds and Monday would be even better!!! Left Salthouse at 8.40pm and after dropping Lucy off home, I arrived back at 10pm.

No picture editing from me tonight I'm afraid. Need to get up early tomorrow. See you all at the mega that I'm going to find in the afternoon!!! Hardcore day ahead!

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